what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


10. sing for me

still in kyles grip after i sing moments the two police officers walk in, Kyle looked terrified, his face was still red from crying, but instead of arresting him they stand there for a minute, i can tell they heard me sing

"look" the big one said, "i have a deal for you, i wont arrest him if you sing that song on TV, on the news this morning Simon Cowell said that he is looking for a young female singer, when we heard you sing we knew it could be you, i have a ticket that you could have, my daughter lost her voice and cant sing, so im giving it to you" he says handing me a ticket for X factor auditions, Kyle has a huge smile on his face as i show him the ticket

"when are the tryouts?" i ask laughing

"tomorrow afternoon" the officer says and they leave

"oh my gosh i might be famous!" i scream in excitement, i hug Kyle and he hugs me tightly

"im so proud of you, ill come with you if you want me to, my brother can drop us off"

"ok" i say with a huge smile on my face

the doctor walks in and says i can leave as long as i take it easy, no running, no swimming, or jumping on a trampoline, or i could end up back in here for a while

"Lou picks us up and drops kyle off at his house and drives me home.

"so i hear that you got a chance to go on the X Factor huh" he says when we get out of the car

"yeah, a cop gave a ticket to me cause his daughter lost her voice" i decide not to tell him about the part where kyle almost gets arrested

zayn comes up to me and hugs me when we walk in the door, Lou watches carefully what he does and doesn't do, so does harry, but he doesn't do anything to hurt me

"i am so sorry, when i found out what i did i was so mad at myself for letting that happen

"its ok, it wasn't even you" i say pulling him off of me

"they told you"

"i saw it in a dream" i walk up to my room and face plant onto my bed, it feels good to be home, but the doctor was really nice letting me go early, he was kinda cute too, but i like zayn, no kyle, who do i love more...i cant decide, they are bot so cute and sweet, kyle is closer to my age and tells me things before i get hurt, zayn apologizes after i get stabbed by his evil uncle, but i can relate to zayn more, growing up poor, shy around people i don't know til i get to know them, and kyle is no where close to shy when talking to new people, im so confused

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