what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


11. night to remember

since i cant decide who i like the most i decided that i would take each of them out for a day of what ever we decide to do, im gonna take zayn out tomorrow and take kyle out sometime next week, and im gonna be the only one who actually knows what im doing

"hey you ok?" i hear Lou's sweet voice say after he opens the door

"yeah, just thinking" i say looking down at a picture of zayn on my phone, Lou comes over and sits next to me on the bed

"you like zayn don't you" he says smiling

"yeah" i say a little disappointed

"whats wrong, there's nothing wrong wi..."

"but i like someone else too, that's the problem, and he's already my boyfriend" i look up at Lou, "what do i do, i was thinking of spending the day with zayn tomorrow and then kyle next week, is that a good thing to do?" i ask him hopefully

"well have you thought of their differences and similarities" i nod, "who's done more for you, who you trust more?" i nod again, i pull up a picture of kyle and show him, "he is a good looking one, i have to admit" he says laughing as i hit him in the arm and knock him off the bed, i am glad to have a such amazing brother around to make me laugh, he gets off of the floor and walks towards the door, "dinner is in an hour, so come downnwhen youre ready ok" he says looking at me throuh a tiny crack inbetween the wall and the door, i nod and  he closes the door, i pull out an empty notebook and write down all the things im gonna do with zayn tonight after dinner

                                  things to do with zayn


1.go to an ice cream parlor

2. have a long walk around the neighborhood

3. lay down at the park and look at the stars

4. take another walk and go home


i mean it sounds good enough, i wonder if he'll actually want to go, ill ask him before i go into the kitchen, i walk down to see zayn sitting in a corner, his arms wrapped around his legs, he's rocking himself back and forth, harry walks behind me

"harry" i say, i motion him to come closer, "whats wrong with zayn?" i ask looking over at him

"i have no idea, go talk to him, he keeps muttering your name, he has been like this for the past half hour, and no one else can talk to him" he says patting me on the back and walking into the kitchen, Lou stands in the doorway watching to make sure zayn doesn't hurt me again, i sit down next to him, he is shivering, it is winter and all he has on is a pair of jeans and socks, i hug him tight and he hugs me back, his chest is cold, his eyes are still normal, he squeezes me tight, i don't say anything about hardly being able to breathe, he loosens his grip on me a little, i look up at him, he's been crying, his face is red, he looks at me crying again

"hey, wanna hang out tonight after dinner?" i ask as he pulls me into a hug again, he's so sad, he nods and i kiss him on the cheek, "now stop crying, you're gonna make me cry," i say getting up wiping away my tears, i offer a hand for him to take, he takes it and i help him up we hug again and he laughs, its nice to hear him laugh again, i missed him, Lou walks over to us and hugs us, he picks both of us up and holds us there laughing, zayn laughs pretty hard as Lou starts to tickle him, he looks at me, i look at zayn smiling, and zayn looks at me worried, Lou puts us down and Lou and i pin zayn down on the couch as niall comes in and starts tickling zayn to death, harry and Liam come in and join, and in a few minutes we're having a tickle fight, zayn picks me up and tickles me until harry jumps on us and we fall on the couch, we all have so much fun and were tickled so much that during dinner we cant stop laughing, i sit between zayn and Lou and when they look at me i laugh, when im done i get up and walk up to my room tripping over myself knowing they'll all watch me stumble up the stairs

"be careful" i hear someone yell at me, so i purposely fall back downstairs, i fall onto the wood at the bottom laughing, zayn walks over to help me up

"you broke my concentration" i laugh falling back on the ground, i feel my head and feel a bump above my right eye, it hurts, but i ignore it as zayn pulls me to my feet again, the boys walk in and help me stay standing, they were the best family i could ever have


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