what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


2. new home

Louis shakes my shoulder a little before i open my eyes and look at him.

"were about to land so get ready to do a lot of walking." he says and leans back like he's been asleep the whole time too, my neck really hurt from resting my head on the window for seven hours straight, i guess i did the right thing if Louis right and were gonna be doing a lot of walking today.

my stomach growls so loudly Louis looked at me and started laughing hysterically until he starts crying.

"i bet i can guess who's hungry" he says laughing again. when the pilot flashes the seat  belt sign me and Louis race to put our seatbelts on, i finish first and laugh as his got stuck, so i helped him and it was just too funny for him not to laugh.

it took a while to get even to the car, just as Louis said, but im scared that he meant shopping was the walking part, not walking to the car, it took about an hour to drive back to their house, Louis showed me to my room, just across the hall from his, i was given an hour to unpack til Louis said i had to go shopping with his mum.

when i walked out of my room i smelled barbeque sauce and ribs...oh no... i walked downstairs to find Louis asleep on the kitchen table, about to fall out of his chair, i laughed to myself and took my seat next to Louis, i put my fingers together on his face and slowly spread them out, he twitched and slapped my hand, i did the same thing to the hand that slapped mine, he tried to hit me again but i dodged his hand and did it on his shoulder, then i pretended my hand was a tarantula in his hair, his mum turned and saw me and played along


"Louis there's a tarantula in you're hair," she said in a terrified voice, he slapped my hand and i pretended it died when it dropped on the table, he fell out of his chair and his mum burst out laughing and walked over and patted him on the shoulder, she walked back to her station and continued with dinner, Louis got up and sat down in his chair.

"that was so not funny...you could have ruined my hair" he whine as i burst out laughing as he ran to the closest mirror to make sure his hair was alright. he came back with a bottle of eyeliner, i didn't take any chances, i got up ready to run, he untwisted the cap and smiled at me evilly before charging at me, i ran as fast as i could up to my room, i tried to close my door but he was right behind me, so i ran into the bathroom in my room(awesome room isn't it) and he locked us both in there, he pinned me down with his elbows and knees on the floor and drew all over my face

"lets add a unicorn...and a bunny...and a lightning bolt... the eyeliner tickles my face, but i am gonna get him back good, when he helps me up i immediately look in the mirror, my face is covered in red bunnies unicorns lightning bolts  and a picture of him about to stab a bunny.

"im gonna get you back, i don't know when or how but i will" i say looking at him with an evil smile, he looks terrified and runs out of my room and downstairs, i do my best to wash every bit of the eyeliner off but i couldn't, you could still see it , it was just faded and smudged, i walk downstairs to discover that Louis had invited the boys from the band for dinner, zayn looked at me and  i felt like i was gonna faint, he was my all time favorite band member, Louis saw that i had come down finally.

"boys" he said walking towards me, "id like you to meet savannah, she just got here earlier this afternoon." he said, walking and whispered something to the boys

"group hug!!!" zayn shouted and they all surrounded me for what seemed like forever, when they finally let go i was gasping for air

"oh come on i thought you were used to this?" Louis said after i had got my breath back

"usually its about fifteen kids half my height not five guys a lot bigger than me" i say laughing, they all laugh and pat me on the back

"well you're gonna get used to our hugs whether you like it or not." Liam said "another!!" he shouts as im surrounded in a death hug again, when they let go they're laughing and heading to the kitchen to eat.

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