what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


15. mcdonalds

when we get to mcdonalds zayn and lou help me out of the car, we walk in and kylie and niall head straight for the playground, i sit down at a booth wishing i could go with them, i sit where no one can see me so zayn thinks i probably went to the bathroom  or something, i sit there and think, about everything that happened since the adoption, i miss the kids, i start to cry, my side hurts so i go get water and take the medicine the doctor gave me, i pull out my iPod and listen to radioactive by imagine dragons, i hear someone calling my name, i take off my head phones and lean out of the booth from the corner, harry is walking around til he sees my head, he laughs and walks over

"why are you sitting all alone" he sits down and hugs me lightly

"i just needed time to think, my life has completely changed since i came here, i have the most amazing friends" harry blushes, i laugh and pinch one of his cheeks, he has always been the one i can go to if i need help when lou isn't around, "and niall found someone, just the way he looks at her, i can tell he like her"

"and you changed her life forever, she never thought she would meet one direction" i blush, harry pinches my cheek, we both laugh, "now come on, get something to eat" he helps me out of the booth and we walk over to the front, i get a quarter pounder and a vanilla latte, he looks at me when i say l say latte

"what, i haven't had coffee in a week, what do you expect" he laughs as i sit down again, this time at a booth facing the doors, when harry grabs my order he comes and sits down next to me as i start to eat, then zayn walks over

"styles, get away from my girl" he has a serious face, i can tell he is holding everything else in

"but i have a boyfriend, and its not you" i laugh, he sits across from me and stares at me while i eat, i get creeped out, i look at him and laugh, and he starts to smile, harry gets up and tickles zayn, be bursts out laughing, i eat as i watch laughing, by the time harry is finished zayn cant stop laughing, he walk away laughing

"your mighty protector on duty" harry sits back down next to me, i laugh and take the last bite of my burger and chug the rest of my latte, when harry and i try to find the others we discover they had all taken to the playground, running around , we laugh watching them, lou waves for us to come in, we shake our heads and i grab my side and sit down, i cant stand very long, i have harry get a water and i take another pill, harry looks bored to death

"you can join them if you want, im just gonna listen to music" he looks at me for a second, then runs screaming into the playground, he chases niall up into the play ground while kylie runs away from liam and zayn, i laugh and put my headphones on and continue listening to radioactive, then cant hold us by macklemore and Ryan Lewis, then i fall asleep to moments by my five best friends

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