what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


14. kylie

its been three days since i started reading the book the boys wrote, and kyle has been in here since he started his challenge of a thousand, last night the said he was at two hundred seventy three, there's a stack of paper on the other side of the room, i can walk a bit now, but not very far without help, whenever i needed help getting somewhere kyle would let me use his crutches to lightly walk, the doctor even said that i would need crutches right after i get out of the hospital, i remember tyler throwing me in the street every time i look out my window, in my new room right next to kyles, it didnt take long to win the argument, lou said once that i would be a great lawyer, since im so good at arguing, i like to argue too, so it might work out

"four hundred" kyle says sleepily

"you need sleep, you stayed up five days straight"

"im not sleeping until i finish" he writes faster

"no, go back to your room and get some sleep, i will be sitting here in this bed when you get back" he looks down in defeat, he takes his crutches and stands beside my bed holding his cheek out, i laugh and kiss it, he smiles and does a fist pump and walks out, i really want to read it, but i need to be patient and wait until he finishes, but he might not listen to me and continue writing while i think that he is asleep, so i slowly get up, walk over to the table and grab his papers, i walk out of my room and into his, the doctor is in there looking at his papers in the folder

"kyle i brought these in so i wouldn't be tempted to read them, and get some sleep" i look over at his doctor, he winks at me, i act like i didnt see it as i hand him the papers to keep in a locked drawer while kyle is asleep, when i get back in my room i start thinking about the doctor, i laugh a little, i wonder if he is gonna sedate him or something to make him sleep, he didnt look too happy at him when i went in there, i guess he found out how long he has been awake, i sit on my bed and pick up the book i have been almost nonstop reading, im on page three hundred ninety two, its good for five days, im a slow reader, plus i can understand some of the stuff better if i read slow, i read about forty pages when the boys walk in on me

"hey sweet thang" liam says in a high pitched voice, i laugh and i get up and hug them all

"she can stand its a miracle" harry gets down on his knees and looks at me

"a few days ago the doctor called me and said that he didnt think you were gonna walk again" lou hugged me tight

"yeah i can walk, but not very far, i have to take about five or six breaks walking to the cafeteria, the doc said that he is going to give me crutches to walk farther on today, since i use kyles sometimes it keeps me standing longer, so he thought it was a good idea to give me crutches, im glad, cause he said that if i actually used them everywhere i go i could get out of the hospital earlier"

they all hug me again and zayn picks me up and puts me on the bed

"that's great, then we can hang out again" niall said sitting on the bed next to me, he has been the closest thing to a boyfriend out of the four, but i have kyle, and zayn likes me too, i am so confused right now

"so where's your awesome boyfriend" zayn asks, i can tell he is a little jealous

"i made him go in his room and sleep, after he saw you guys each wrote a hundred he was determined to write a thousand, he stayed up five days straight, and when i went to go give him his papers so i wouldn't be tempted to read them the doctor was in there not too happy with him, and i saw a sedater in front of him" i take a deep breath

"so he sedated him, so he wouldn't wake up for a few hours" liam asked smiling

"i thought it was almost twelve hours, but yeah" i laugh, we all laugh, it was good to see them, i had missed them a lot over the past few days

"so what page are you on" louis asks me taking the book, "three hundred ninety two and three...mmmmmmmmm...interesting" i laugh taking the book back

"so how do you like it so far" niall asks nudging me

"im not telling until im done" they all come in closer to tickle me, they are so happy when i am around, and i am happy when they are around, they seem so full of life and super active, even liam is having a good time, by the time they stop tickling me i am gasping for air lying on the bed

"why do you always go after me" i look at zayn, since he always tickles me first, the rest of the boys get what im signaling, i get out of the bed and lou picks zayn up and pins him down, after we torture zayn we go to harry, then niall, then liam, and we all look at lou, he tries to run but zayn blocks the door

"oh god" he says in his funny little scared voice, i wrap my arms around him and start, then harry does the same thing in front of him, he has one of the cutest laughs ever, we all surround lou and tickle him til he collapses to the ground, he takes me with him, i lye next to him on the floor as zayn and harry help us up, lou is still laughing so hard he has to hold onto something to stay on his feet

"what time is it" i ask sitting in the doctors chair

"almost noon, when is the doctor bringing your crutches, maybe we can go out to eat" niall says, we all laugh, then the doctor walks in with purple, zebra striped crutches and hands them to me

"yay, lou, did you bring my bag"

"yeah, its in the car, ill go get it" he jogs out of the room, then i hear someone crying in the hallway, it sounds like a girl, i use my new crutches and walk out before anyone can stop me, i see a girl about my age crying in front of a door down the hall, i go over and sit on the bench next to her

"are you ok, i heard you crying" she looks up at me, she has brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and she is skinny, she picks up her glasses, big black and red glasses, puts them on and looks at me again

"yeah, thanks, im just waiting for my mom" she looks at the room in front of us

"is she hurt" she shakes her head

"my dad is, i don't know what happened but i know its bad and he could die" she starts crying again, i hug her tight, she hugs me back, i notice she has a niall horan necklace on

"so, you a directioner" she nods and her eyes light up

"niall is my favorite" she smiles at me

"come with me, my room is only two doors down" she tells her mom and follows me to my room, she waits outside as i get niall

"niall, i met a girl, her dad might die, and you are her favorite, maybe you could come cheer her up" i say so the girl cant hear me, he nods and smiles

"whats your name, i never got it"


"oohhh, that's pretty, im savannah" she smiles, i pull niall out into the hallway, "niall, this is kylie, kylie, when i saw you were a directioner i thought he might be able to cheer you up a little" her face just lights up and he walks over and hugs her tight, i bring the rest of the boys out and they join the hug, after she is released from the guys she comes and hugs me, we exchange numbers

"hey, wanna come to lunch with us in a few" she runs to ask her mom, she comes running back, she can, lou hands me my bag and i go change, good, he brought me all purple

"purple woman" kylie says as i meet them in the lobby, i laugh and so do the boys, we pile in the van and head to McDonalds that the boys rented for the day

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