what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


7. its all my fault

on the way home from kyles i cant stop thinking how this is probably all my fault, i think of him lying in the hospital, with those terrifying black eyes, i wonder if the movie came alive or something, wait! i cant be thinking this way, he is going to be okay, i say to myself over and over again, when i reach the house i see lous car, i guess he came home after i walked out on him, the car was still hot, i feel raindrops hit my forehead

"oh my god i thought someone kidnapped you i was so worried" he comes up to me and pulls me inside the house, "where did you go?" he asks sitting me down on the couch

"i went to a friends house for advise ok, and i didn't like the fact that you read my messages without asking or at least letting me know you're reading them over my shoulder" i snap at him he grabs my shoulders

"look...i don't want to be a strict brother but i was really worried, ok" he says, i just nod, i guess he is satisfied cause he releases my shoulders and hugs me, its almost midnight, so Lou takes me into the kitchen to get something to eat, i get a pb and honey sandwich, and he gets a roll and fills it with jam and grabs a bag of chips, when we sit down to watch TV my phone rings, i pick it up, its niall

"hello" i say into the phone

"hey vanvan" that's his nickname for me now, i don't know why

"what's up"

"the doctor said that zayn has woken up and they have absolutely no idea what the black eyes were but they said he could go home later tonight or tomorrow" he says kinda bitterly

"what's wrong with you?" i ask laughing

"well im starving and harry wont let me eat anything til we get home" he says a little disappointed

"aawww" i say laughing, "when are you guys coming back?" i laugh a little

"in a few minutes, when we come back this afternoon zayn said that he wanted to see you"

"ok, hurry back" he laughs and hangs up

"so zayn is all better now?" Lou says almost leaning on me


"so...vanvan huh, sounds like niall might have a crush on you" he says elbowing me and raining his eyebrows

"oh shut up" i snap at him laughing "im gonna go to my room" with that i run up to my room and practice my violin, Linda said i can play really good but i don't think so, i play my favorite sad violin song and record it, i looked it up and its called sad violin 25, its really pretty, when i finish i go to bed



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