what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


16. bullies

after I have a proper prescription for my side I get ready for a new day of school, I don't even think about the bullies until im out the door, I meet kyle at the corner where he usually meets me

"hey, feeling better" he asks fixing his crutches so he is more comfortable on them and we walk to school

"yeah, hey, where's tyler" I ask hopefully

"he got put in jail for the next three days, im worried about him, well, and mad about what he did to you of course"

"yeah, I get it" I say staring at the ground as we walk

"is something wrong" he stops walking, I stop too, mainly cause im tired, I shake my head and he grabs my arm

"I know when something is wrong with you" he looks into my eyes

I look away before I cry

"its just im tired from helping my brother all night" I lie and keep going, he catches up to me and keeps with my fast pace easily

"ok" he says unconvincingly and smiles at me, but doesn't say anything

when we get to school the bell has rung so we get a pass, as we walk down the hallway we see several kids just roaming the hallways, suddenly stare at us like we're aliens, we try to ignore them the best we can, but I cant handle people staring at me

"just stop it" I scream as some kids approach s, they are obviously strong, popular kids, they push me on my hurt side, I small cry escapes me, they take kyles crutches and push him into a wall, he falls hard to the ground

"where have you two been, and what did you do to tyler" the one who pushed me snapped

"its more like what he did to me and why is it any o your freaking business, just leave us alone" I snap back reaching for my crutch, he kicks it away and pulls me up by my arm, he pins me against the wall and grabs my other arm and holds it against his chest

"a little girl like you needs to be careful what she says" he makes a pouty face at me and the other two guys laugh

"and you need to be careful what little girls you mess with" I pull my hand away from his chest and push him away from me, I cling to the wall to stay standing, he comes back and holds both of my hands against the wall and comes closer to me

"you have courage, I like that in a girl" he smiles in a way that makes my stomach flip, he is attractive but he is a real jerk

"but I don't like it when guys mess with me and my friends, and im taken, sorry" I smile back at him, his disappears tightens his grip on my arms, I flinch and try to get free, he looks at kyle with disgust

"you are dating that piece of crap, he is the jerk here" he looks back at me, his green eyes burning with rage

"yeah, and you haven't made a very promising first impression, at least he was nice to me when he tried to flirt with me" his face drops to the floor for a second and he releases me and kicks kyle hard in the stomach

"just stop it already, you made your point" I try to pull him away, but he pushes me back, he kicks kyle multiple times, I try to scream for a teacher, but one of the other guys kicks me in the chest hard, I cough a lot, and I taste blood in my mouth

"shut up" the guy who kicked me said, I can see in his eyes that he wished he didn't have to do it, neither of us break the gaze, he was forced to do this, I look away and start coughing again, I see his footsteps walk over to my crutches, he brings them over to me and helps me to my feet, he runs to the nearest classroom and comes out with three teachers

"hey, what's going on" one of them says seeing the one who pinned me against the wall, kicking kyle try to run one of them went to call the office, the other two helped kyle to his feet and the other two told them everything that happened, and they were forced to by the guy who tried to flirt with me, actually known as mason, and they were given one day in detention for it, and thanked for helping me

"are you ok" one of the teachers asks me, I nod but cough hard and grab my chest where I was kicked, I look over at the boy who kicked me, he looks terribly sorry, I walk over to him, a tear rolls down his cheek, I hug him for a second

"its ok, I forgive you" he smiles a little, he hands me a piece of paper, it says from mason, but when I open it, it has three numbers I it with names, his is the last one, his name is Tyson, and the other guys name is sam, then he hands me another piece of paper, when I open it its a letter, I fold it back up to read it later as the teachers help kyle down to the nurse and urge me to follow, I smile back at them before they go back to class, I follow the teachers and kyle to the nurses office

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