what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


12. broken

the next day is Friday, i get up and go downstairs after i get dressed and got my stuff ready for school, louis greets me with a big hug and a kiss on my bruise, i flinch slightly and walk into the kitchen, i grab a bagel and look at the clock, im nearly late, i grab my bag and phone and run out the door

"bye lou, see you this afternoon" i run down the sidewalk and realize i didnt brush my hair, it doesn't look too bad and i have a spare one in my backpack, as im running i see kyle running down his street, he smiles at me when i slow down, when he catches up to me i start walking again, he puts his arm around me and looks at my bagel hungrily, i stuff the other half in his mouth and kiss him on the cheek, he takes a huge bite of the bagel and laughs

"so how did you end up late too" i ask him after he swallows the bite of bagel

"slept in and had to do the dishes" he laughs, "you"

"my brother held me in a three minute hug and that was my breakfast" i say pointing to the bagel

"i haven't had anything since lunch yesterday" he laughs finishing the bagel as we approach the school doors, as we walk in the hallways are empty

"wont Mr. b give you detention for being late again" i say as we stroll casually down the empty hallway

"yeah, can you get detention too, the most annoying kid has detention too and yesterday he talked to me the whole time non stop"

"ill try, but lou is gonna kill me"

"thanks, youre the best" he kisses me on the cheek and we walk into the classroom

"late again Mr. alsam, and Ms. Tomlinson, i expected better from you" mr b says as we take our seats

"so did i but that's your problem" i say getting out a pencil and paper

"talk back again and you get detention!" he yells, everyone flinches except me and kyle

"talk back again and you get expelled little missy" i say in a deep voice mocking  him, his face gets red

"teach is gonna blow" kyle says

"both of you take your things and go to the office now!" he yells again, we both laugh, we get our things and go to the janitors closet where we go to be alone when we get kicked out of class

"wanna leave, hang out at the park?" kyle asks

"but wont we get in big trouble" i say leaning against him

"so" he says helping me up, we walk out of the school building and walk to the park, we sit on the swings, then bring our backpacks and sit in a tree so no one will find us if they come

"don't you just wish we could get away from all this"

"yeah, but we cant unless we run away" i say looking up at kyle as we climb higher and higher in the tree

"you wanna run away with me" im speechless, i cant just leave, i have my family, and the boys

"i don't know if i can, i have lou and..." i stop, i look up at kyle, he's much higher than i am, i can see that there's a branch unstable that he's about to walk on, "kyle watch out" i yell, but im too late, he steps on it and it snaps, he falls to the rocks beneath us, when he hits i hear a snap, i climb down as fast as i can, i jump ten feet down to the ground, he is crying and gripping his leg, our bags fall from the tree

"aaahhhh" he yells, i help him to his feet

"i think its broken, i need to get you home" i say starting to walk with him next to me, his arm is slung over my shoulder and he's hopping

"no body's home, they left to go on their vacation"

"then ill take you to my house and lou can drive us to the hospital" i say, when we get to the side walk he's moaning with every hop, "get on my back, i can carry you back"

"no way, i cant let you" he says still crying

"come on, i hate seeing you like this, and the farther we go the more pain you are in" he looks at me and jumps on my back, his tears fall on my shoulder as i walk, he has our bags on his back as i quickly walk home, when i get there he opens the door with the key and i fun in and put him on the couch, i run upstairs to louis room

"come on we need to get my friend to the hospital, he fell and broke his leg" i say pulling him out of his room

"wait wait wait, why are you out of school" he said looking surprised and concerned

"ill tell you later now come on" i say running downstairs and helping him into the car, i put him in the backseat and sit next to him, louis comes out and gets in the car and drives to the hospital, when we get there kyles leg is swollen and purple, we get him inside and they take him to his room, i sit down in an empty chair, its almost time for school to get out, i am surprised, it took longer to get home earlier than i thought, i sit there, every once in a while look at louis across the room, i wonder why he wont sit next to me, in what seems like forever kyles brother comes in, he looks at me with a death look and goes up to the desk, he starts arguing with the lady and finally gives up, he comes and sits next to me

"what did you do to him" he grabs my arm so i cant walk away, he looks me into the eyes with a death stare

"why did you automatically blame it on me" i say in immediate reaction, he squeezes my arm tighter, i flinch and try to pull away, but he is too strong, he thinks im here alone, he doesn't know my brother is here, i look in his direction and he's not sitting there anymore, i guess he went outside, that's it, im dead

"because you were the last person with him, he wouldn't try to break his leg, he is in football" he says grabbing my neck and pulling me outside, he drags me away from the hospital into an ally and shoves me into the wall

"well maybe he fell thirty feet out of a tree he wanted me to come up in with him, i tried to warn him but i saw it too late" i choke out, he lets go of my neck but still has a firm grip on my arm, i rub my neck with my free hand, he pulls me back out onto the sidewalk , i know what he is about to do, but before i react he picks me up and throws me in the busy street, i feel a terrible pain in my side , tyler picks me up and carries me back into the hospital, louis runs over to us and almost cries, the doctor comes out with a stretcher and take me back as my eyes close

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