what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


13. almost dead

i wake up with tubes and wires connecting me to five machines, but lou calms me down

"how long have i been asleep" i ask rubbing my side where it hurts

"almost twelve hours, i was worried sick that you wouldn't make it" he says giving me a hug, i hug him back

"what did tyler tell you about what happened" i ask getting mad

"he said you lost you balance when you were messing around by the street" i stare at him in disbelief, he actually believes that

"that is so s lie i cant believe you bought that" he looks confused

"then what did happen" he looks even more confused and worried

"he picked me up and threw me in the street because he thinks im the cause for kyles broken leg" i yell at him, he looks down, thinking

"that does make more sense than losing your balance, you have excellent balance" i rub my side again where a car hit me, i think a total of two cars hit me, and i cant believe no one saw him pick me up and throw me either, louis walks out of the room and is gone for a long time, when he comes back he sits down next to me

"he's not saying what you said, he is still saying that you lost your balance, even the cops are out there" he says holding my hand, then the boys walk in

"how do you feel" niall says sitting next to lou

"fine except my side where a car hit me" zayn and harry sit on the other side across from lou and niall, liam comes over next to my head on the other side of lou, when i try to sit up my side feels like its been electrocuted, i lye back down, zayn is holding my left hand while lou is holding my right, i fall asleep again, and when i wake up the boys are gone, and the doctor and two cops  are in the room, the same two that gave me the tickets, when they see im awake one of them comes up to me

"now that youre awake can we ask you some questions" i nod

"ok then, where did tyler take you when you left the hospital and what did he do"  the other one says

"he dragged me into an ally where he grabbed my neck and pinned me against the wall" i say swallowing, the tall one is writing stuff down

"ok, then what did he do"

" he let my neck go, but still had my arm, and he lead me to the edge of the sidewalk, picked me up, and tossed me into the street, then , when all the cars stopped he ran out to me, picked me up again and ran me back to the hospital where my brother came up to us, that's all i remember" i finish with pain in my side, when the officer finishes writing down what i said he nods at the results

"well" he starts, " judged on what you both said, most of it was right, but he said you two were fighting and you fell in the street"

"no, he told my brother that i lost my balance and fell" i say loudly, the doctor comes over to me with a needle, i get scared

"don't worry, this is going to help with the pain" i relax and he injects the medicine into my arm, the officers walk out and the doctor gives me a book to read to keep me busy, he raises me so i can sit up a little without hurting my side

"how long do i have to be in here" i ask opening the book

"about two or three weeks, we will have you walk around a bit when youre side heels more, you were hurt pretty bad, but your body didnt give up on you, its almost like you had things to live for"

"i sure do, i have my brother, my four best friends, and my boyfriend, i love them with all my heart" i say starting to read, "what kind of book is this"

"its a song book i think, a couple boys dropped it off after you fell asleep" i read the title of the book, its called "if i had you again" i read out loud, it looks hand written, i look at the author, "lou, zayn, liam, niall, and harry" i start to cry, the doctor leaves me, the book is five hundred pages long, they each wrote one hundred pages of what they like about me and what they want me to become, im already on page thirty three when kyle walks in on crutches, i greet him with a smile and he sits down on the bed next to me

"what happened to you" he says smiling

"didnt they tell you" i look at him and he kisses me on the lips

"im kidding, i saw the whole thing out my window, im on the second floor, i had to beg my doctor to let me come see you after the cops came and told me"

"how long did it take" i ask laughing

"about two hours of arguing and begging, i felt like a dog wanting bacon" i laugh harder, my side hurts a little

"don't make me laugh hard, it hurts my side"

"ok, sorry" he kisses me on the cheek

"you should be, your brother hates me now cause you fell out of a tree" i lightly slap him on his cheek, we both laugh

"whats that" he asks looking at the book in my hands

"a book my brother and the guys wrote, they each wrote 100 pages of how much they love me and what they want me to become, and stuff like that, im reading lous first, im on page thirty three, he is so sweet" i hug the book

"i bet i could write a thousand about you" i blush

"aawww, how sweet, if you think so get some paper and start" he laughs, he hops over to a table and grabs a handful of lined paper and sits down at the desk and starts writing, he smiles a lot and laughs  quite a bit too, and i keep catching him looking at me, i love him

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