what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


9. alive

when i wake up im in the hospital, niall is next to me holding my hand tightly in his, harry is on the other side of me stroking my hair

"what happened with zayn" i ask, they both look surprised

"he just tried to kill you and you're wondering about him" harry replies in a confused voice

"no its not what you think," i say trying to sit up "while i was asleep i had a vision, it was of zayn chained in a cage for some reason, and his uncle is an assassin and he wanted zayn to take after him but he wouldn't so his uncle said whenever zayn finds a girl he likes he will kill her" i say starting to panic, niall hugs me tightly, i hug him back feeling safe

"so, what you're saying is, is that zayns assassin uncle tried to kill you cause zayn wouldn't be an assassin to take his place " harry says

"yeah" i reply

"im gonna call Lou" harry said stepping out into the hallway, i feel a rush of depression, whats gonna happen to zayn?

niall and i sit in silence til harry comes back in with information, he explained exactly what i told niall and harry just a minute ago

"so" niall says, "that's how zayn always seemed to be creeping around the house, he grew up being quiet, harry and I laugh, but he's right


three days later


Kyle came to the hospital quite a few times while the boys weren't here, Lou brought zayn one time, he behaved pretty well, but he seemed a little twitchy, Kyle is coming to visit this morning and later tonight, so i wont be bored today, just then my phone buzzes, it was from Kyle

savannah:  savannah, im in trouble, the police came to my house looking for me, i don't know where to go, can i come to the hospital

to Kyle: yeah, i guess, as long as they let you in

"who was that?" harry asks me

"my friend Kyle, the police came to his house earlier and were looking for him so i told him he could come in here" they look surprised, i don't know if its the friend part or police part

"when is he gonna get here?" niall asks, then Kyle walks through the door and walks over to me

"bye savannah, see ya later" harry says as they both walk out

"what did you do!?"i ask him

"nothing this time i swear" he says sitting on the bed next to me, i wonder if he's telling the truth, anyway if he gets put in jail i can bust him out, im Louis Tomlinson's sister for goshies sake

"are you sure, you have been known to lie"

"yes im sure and i don't lie to you, i love you too much" he smiles at me and kisses me on the cheek, we hear loud footsteps in the hall, Kyle runs to hide in a cabinet , he closes the doors as soon as the officers walk in

"have you seen a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes and is about this tall wearing a purple beanie?" the officers ask me, they both look really mean and strong

"do you have a picture of him?" i ask sweetly, the taller one pulls out a black and white photo of Kyle, it shows his face completely and clearly, "what was this boy charged for, cause i know a Kyle that has that face but different hair, height has brown hair not blonde

"he is charged with murder, how do you know that his hair is blonde?!!!??" the other officer yells at me

"because you said he had blonde hair when you described him to me" i snap back at the officers, they give me the 'i will take you to jail if you talk to me like that again' look, i smile as they walk out, Kyle waits a minute before coming out of the cabinet

"that was brilliant" he smiles and hugs me, "you didn't tell me you were an actress" he says laughing, he pulls away and kisses me on the lips, i pull away

"murder" i look at him seriously

"i swear i didn't kill anybody, it was someone who looks a lot like me, i didn't do anything" he starts to cry, he puts his face in his hands, i pull his hands towards me, he hugs me tight continuing to cry, i hug him back

"its gonna be okay, if you didn't do it just tell the officers that you didn't do it" i tell him, he hugs me tighter

"can you sing?" he asks me looking up at me, he looks really sad

"a little"

"can you sing moments?" i look at him a little confused, "i just like their song i swear" he says starting to laugh, i nod and he sits on the bed beside me, i start to sing, he cries again, i feel so safe, i cant imagine how he feels right now, it must be terrible

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