what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


4. a new school

i wake up after a long night with one direction, where ever i went zayn followed me making up excuses to be alone, when we were alone he would come up beside me and say he needed something and then said he forgot and just stood there, for a while i thought that he liked me, but then i thought there must be an explanation why, but what? i walk downstairs to find zayn laying on the couch watching TV, he turns around and smiles at me, i can fell his gaze as i walk into the kitchen to make a peanut butter and honey sandwich, i walk into the living room and sit down next to zayn

"what ya watchin?" i ask eating my breakfast, he looks at the movie case on the coffee table

"this American horror called MAMA...its really creepy" he says pulling up the blanket next to his eyes

"oh I've seen this before, it is creepy" i say putting my plate on the table, i can see zayn jump a little when they old guys are looking for the girls in the cabin, he starts moving closer to me as it gets creepier , by the middle of the movie were cuddled up against each other on the couch, Louis and niall walk down and jump on zayn, i guess they saw that he was scared of this movie, well i was too when i first saw it

"what was that for" zayn said turning around to the two boys laughing on the floor, i looked at zayn and couldn't help it, the look on his face was priceless

"you need to go get ready for school" Louis says after he gets done laughing, but one look at zayn he's laughing again, i run upstairs and change into a purple t, green skinny jeans, and red convers, i put my hair in a ponytail and grab the new backpack Louis mum got me, i walk downstairs and Louis still laughing his heart on the floor, harry and Liam come down and i explain everything that happened, they start laughing and zayn turns the movie back on, its still pretty dark out because of all the clouds, it looks like its gonna rain

"its pretty chilly if you wanna go change" Louis said walking into the kitchen

"nah, im good, i don't like jackets and long sleeve shirts, shorts, make up, and anything girly" five pairs of eyes stare at me in disbelief

"so that's you're everyday outfit" i nod "year round" i nod again

yeah i know im weird" i say as i get my plate from the living room, zayn still watching the movie, eyes wide

"you know its not as scary if you watch it with somebody else" i say messing up his so perfect hair

"you wanna watch it with me?" he asks slapping my hand

"wish i could but i have to go to school, if you pause it ill finish it with you when i get home" i say walking out the door, the school was only two blocks away, so i could easily get home if it starts to rain after school

as i walk i feel a gaze on me, but when i stop to turn around there's no one there, when i face the school there's a really cute black haired boy, he's a little taller than me and has the mesmerizing blue eyes ever, i felt like i was about to melt

"you knew around here?" he asks with a medium deep, smooth voice

"yeah i am actually" i say looking into his eyes

"you have a boyfriend" i shake my head

"haven't even had time to think about one, i just got here yesterday" i try to walk around him but he grabs my arm

"you're cute American, what's you're name" he says leaning in to me a little

"savannah, now can i get through?" i ask in a tone that makes him back off a little

"haha, im Kyle, ill let you get through as soon as i get your number" he says handing me his phone, i take it and hand him my phone, we exchange numbers and he tests it to make sure i gave him my number

"can i go now" i ask, he moves to my side and puts his hand around my waist, "what are you doing" i say moving away from him

"i want you to be my girlfriend, will you?" he asks so sweetly that i cant say no

"yes" i say before i know i said it, he smiles and grabs my hand, we walk into the building hand in hand, we get stares from every guy we pass, am i really that pretty

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