what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


1. adoption

i wake up after a long night entertaining kids while strangers walk around watching us, the older boy was watching m stayed e the whole time, he was cute, but if they adopted me we would be brother and sister, so i didn't get my hopes up, my roommate Melissa runs in screaming her head off while tommy runs in with a plastic sword in his hand chasing her, they run out of the room and go down stairs and annoy someone else, the room phone rings, i pick it up, Linda says that im being adopted so i pack my things and walk downstairs to the lobby, where the older boy and his family wait filling out papers and all that, i go to tell Averie goodbye and every single kid storms me and i fall, before i know it all of them are hugging me to death.

"uugghh, i cant breathe, guys get off please" i say as they pile off of me and onto each other, i hear a laugh and turn around to see the boy i saw last night and in the lobby just a minute ago

"they must like you to hug you like that." he says walking over to me

"well im the entertainer as you probably saw last night." i say turning to the kids running everywhere, "im gonna miss them all, they've been my friends for only months and im the oldest here." i say turning back to the boy, he looks at me in a way i get butterflies in my tummy that growls for food

" sorry i didn't realize i haven't given you my name yet" he says, "im Louis" he almost screams and pulls me into a hug and twirls around until i scream at him to put me down.

"omg im dizzy right now" i say and fall into Louis arms, he helps me back up to my feet, "hey, you're from one direction aren't you?" i ask looking at him excited

"haha, yeah i am," he says waiting for me to scream, when i don't he looks a little confused.

"what are you looking at me like that for, let me guess, you thought i was gonna scream didn't you?" i ask starting to laugh, he nods over exaggeratively and starts laughing too, him mom calls for us and we walk out the door to the  car, if i had known that we had to take a plane back to England i  would have stayed at my home in America, but too late now, im going to a completely different country and will have to get used to not just to a new home, but a new country as well.

"the plane ride takes about seven hours til we land in doncaster" Louis told me when we took our seats a few rows back from his mum and dad and sister.

"so why did you come out to America to adopt someone?"  i ask after a long pause.

"i don't know exactly, my parents wanted someone who was not like the people from England, maybe because people from England are too shy and stuff, then there are you Americans who are the complete opposite of shy and are so entertaining, but i think she wanted you to keep me busy and away from her while she's cooking supper. i laugh and look out the window at the never ending ocean, its amazing how big the world is, i watch the ocean til i fall asleep next to Louis.

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