Teen-Age Spider-Girl Part 2

Part 2 of the Teen-Age Spider-Girl book!
" 'Is that real?'
It sounds like a silly question, but at the same time, the most logical. Maybe I'm dreaming, perhaps hallucinating. Anything makes more sense than the possibility that whatever it is that's standing before me can even exist.
And the person standing next to me can be alive."


6. Breaking the Law

There are many things I've done in my life that I regret:  yelling at my mom, postponing big assignments 'til the day before they're due (or later), leaving the house before my chores are done without permission.  And every time I've done one of those things, I knew there was a better way to go.  But this is different.  Even more so than lying to my mom to protect her.

It's the middle of the night and I'm on the roof of a building, dressed only in black.  I don't want anyone identifying me by the web design on my spider-suit, so I took precautions.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and an instinct I didn't used to have kicks in.  I grab the hand and twist my body, shifting both of our weight until he lands on his back on the roof in front of me.  When I stick him down with webs, I notice he's not armed.  Then I look at his face.

"Kyle?"  He just nods, unable to speak.  Barely able to breathe.  "Kyle, what are you doing here?" I ask as I pull the webs off and set his arms and legs free.  But he just holds up a finger and tries to catch his breath.  "Oh, sorry.  Are you okay?"

"Yeah."  His voice is raspy until he clears his throat and says, "You just knocked the wind out of me.  Where'd you learn to do that, anyway?"

I shrug.  "Spider powers.  Standard issue."  He laughs at my joke and, for a second, things feel normal.  Then I remember we're standing on the roof of a youth prison building, getting ready to use those powers to break someone out.  A warning runs down my spine.  "Get down," I whisper as I grab Kyle's arm and fall flat onto the roof.  A searchlight scans over us, but our dark clothing serves its purpose.  A guard passes by on the ground beneath us.

For me, it wasn't too difficult to get up there and avoid guards--what with my spider abilities and all--but Kyle...

"Kyle," I whisper.  "How did you get up here?"

"I followed you," he whispers back.

"Well, I climbed up the side of the building with my bare hands," I counter, but he just holds some rope in front of my face.  "And you didn't get caught?"  To that, he just raises an eyebrow as if to say, I'm here, aren't I?  "I'm impressed.  Not even I knew you were there."

"Yeah, I kinda figured that out when you flipped me over your shoulder and tied me up in webs.  Is that what the bad guys feel like all the time?  That's gotta be embarrassing."

I have to laugh a little before I return to my original question.  "Kyle, what are you doing here?"

Again, a guard passes by the side of the building we're on top of and Kyle says, "C'mon, we'd better get going."

I decide not to argue as he stands up and holds his hand out to me.  It's weird.  Kyle's dressed all in black, mud smeared on his face, getting ready to help me break someone out of prison.  But he's never looked to good.  I take his hand and he pulls me up.  "So, where are we going?" he asks.

"Pete's cell is just a few down that way," I respond, pointing forward.

"How do you know?  Spider-sences?"

I shake my head.  "Eyes."

"How'd you get hold of the security footage?"

"No, I saw him in the window earlier.  I'm really not that cool, Kyle."

"No, seeing him in the window is cool.  Less complicated that way," he says, trying to make me feel better.

"Anyway, let's go before somebody sees us."

"Right, good idea.  Let's not get caught."  He follows behind me as I walk towards Pete's cell.  We have to duck a few more times to avoid the searchlight, but other than that we're quiet the rest of the way.

When I reach the window where I saw Pete, I check for guards then climb onto the side of the wall, looking in.

Seeing it upside down adds to the darkness of the room.  From the shadows comes a voice, once again without a face.  But this time I know it.  "Well, well.  What a pleasant surprise.  I didn't expect you to actually come for me.  At least not this soon."

"Yeah, me too.  But I got bored and thought, hey, maybe I'll just go break someone out of jail.  That'll be fun."

He laughs and the butterflies flutter in my stomach.  Pete just laughed at a joke I made.

Wait.  No, he's a bad guy, remember?  We just need him for his brain.

He's so smart.  And cute.

Oh, shut up.  The war inside my head is nauseating.  "So," I say aloud.  "You want out, or not?"

"Oh, yeah."  He steps forward and the moonlight catches his eyes in a way that almost makes me lose grip and fall off of the wall.  "I want out."

It feels like forever before I find the words.  "Um, h-hang on a second."  I crawl back up to the roof where Kyle is waiting for me.  "I just remembered something."

"What?  That this is totally illegal and we shouldn't be here?"

I try to ignore that comment.  "Pete doesn't know that you know that I'm Spider-Girl."


"Pete doesn't--"

"I heard you," Kyle says.  "What do you want me to do?"

"I-I don't know.  Make something up--you're a better liar than me."

"I'm not the one with the secret identity."

"Yeah, but you're smart."

"What?  No I'm--Jo!"  But I was already climbing back down to Pete's window.

"So," I say as my head pops into view.  "Looks like standard iron bars, one inch thick."  I grab hold of the bars on the window.  "Shouldn't be too hard to--" CLANK!  The bars come easily out of the hole in the wall and Pete grabs the ledge and hops up.

"Uh," he says, looking up, then down at the twenty feet below him.  "How am I going to get up?"

"Webs, remember?" I say, holding my hand up, palm forward.

"Ah, of course.  How could I forget?" he sighs.  Then, after a second of thought, he says, "Or, it might be easier if I climbed on your back and you just crawled up."

I think of Pete holding on to me and the butterflies come back.  "U-uh, yeah.  That-that could work, too."


I move beside him on the wall.  When his hand rests on my shoulder, a totally non-spider power related shiver runs down my spine.  He positions himself sturdily on my back.  "Uh, r-ready?" I ask him.

"Yeah, let's go."

"'Kay."  I begin to climb.  I guess the noise from me pulling the bars off the window is enough to draw the attention of several guards.  But I was too involved in my emotions to notice the warning.

"Jo!" I hear from above.  "Guards coming.  Several on either side."

"Dang it!"  I crawl faster.

"Is that Kyle?" Pete asks me.

Oooh.  "Long story short--yes."

We reach the roof just before the guards' flashlights shine on the window and wall.  It takes about a minute for all the guards to leave.

"Great," I whisper.  "Now they're going to be guarding all the exits extra carefully.  How are we even going to get out?  That's what I get for breaking the law.  Once."

"Well..." Pete starts.

"We're gonna get caught--there's no way out of this."

"Jo," Kyle says.  "Forgetting something?"

"No, you're forgetting something--we can't get out!"

Pete says, "All the exits are on the ground, Jo."

"Yeah, I know.  And we can't get to any of them without being seen."

"Jo, you're a spider!" Kyle finally says.

"I know, but--"  Then I freeze.  Duh, of course!  "Oh," I exhale, looking at my hand.  "Right.  There's that."  What was I thinking?

"So," Pete starts again.  "We don't use the ground exits.  We simply go over the fence."

"The electrified fence," I shoot back.

He shakes his head.  "We don't even have to touch it."  He jerks his head in the direction of a tall tree looming over the grounds outside of the facility.

"Oooh.  Duh.  I should be thinking of things like that--I'm just a little..."  There's lots of ways that could've ended.  Too close to where Pete is standing.  Scared out of my mind of getting caught.  Morally conflicted.

"Nervous?" Kyle guesses.

"Yeah," I respond.  "But wait.  How're you guys gonna get out?  I can't carry both of you."

"It would've been easier if Kyle wasn't here," Pete says.  "Why are you here, anyway?"  He turns to face Kyle.

"Moral support," I say at the exact same time Kyle says, "Sidekick."  We glance at each other then I say, "Sidekick," as he says, "Moral support."  Quick, think of something!

"Um, he's my moral sidekick..."  Stupid!  That could've gone a lot smoother...

Pete looks between the two of us suspiciously.  "Okaaay..."  He turns his body back towards the tree and our way out.  "Anyway, we should get going."

"Right."  I get ready to shoot the web, then Kyle stops me.

"Wait, there's something I've been dying to have you try," he tells me.  "Some spiders--"

"Kyle, just tell me," I cut him off, a little impatient and not willing to hear about "some spiders".

"Parachute webs.  We could all hang on and glide over the fence."

"Brilliant!  Okay.  How do I do that?"

"I don't know, just try it.  I'm sure you'll get it."

So, I begin shooting webs, shaping and molding.  It's really not as hard as I thought.  Soon enough, we have a large parachute for three.

"Cool," Kyle says, looking down at it.  "Let's get this thing up in the air."

We lift the parachute up and step back a few paces.  After a count of three, we run towards the edge and jump off.  Instead of falling quickly like I'm used to, the webs catch the air and we glide easily over the grounds.  We can hear the electricity running through the fence as our feet come dangerously close to it.  But we make it.  We land safely outside, completely unnoticed...

"We did it!" I yell, giving Kyle a hug.

"Hey!  You there!" someone shouts from inside the fence.

...Or, not.

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