Don't Leave, We Need You

Do you know what it's like to wake up and realize you've lost the most important person in your life? Hopefully not. I have though, more times then I wish to count. First my parents when I was six, then my brother when I was 12, my childhood best friend at 14, and now him. The boy I love. He left me all alone to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart. I guess you could say that he didn't leave me completely alone, but that just makes it whose. Because he left me to raise our child, alone.


8. I Have To At Least Try

Liam's Prospective:


It's been 45 minutes of our lecture. I keep looking in the crowd. I swear I can see Lottie. But really how likely is that?

"The point of my story is that never give up. No matter what happens or what people say. Just work and and prove them wrong." I say smiling as I finish my story.

"Yeah, none of us-" Louis is interrupted when Zayn taps on my shoulder.

"So you know my friends I said could find Charlotte?" He whispers in my ear.

"Yeah." I whisper back nodding.

"So, I just got a text from him and it turns out... Charlotte goes here. She's a photography major." he whispers with a smirk on his lips.

I look out and see the girl I thought was her. She ducks her head and tries to hide. You're kidding me right? I mean honestly, what are the chances. "Thanks Zayn. This means a lot to me." I whisper giving him a smile.

"Just don't go and fuck it up ok?" he replies.

"Yeah, not again." I nod. The rest of the lecture took WAY to long. By the end I practically ran off the stage. and hurriedly tired to be able to get out from backstage.

"Why are you in suck a hurry?" Niall asks.

"Just found out Charlotte goes here." Zayn explain while I continue to rush.

"Don't you think you should just leave her alone?" Harry says, the first thing he's said to me since last night.

I stop for a moment and look at him. "I have to at least try." I say. "I have to at least know..."

"Let's go, hurry!" Niall says grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door.


Charlotte's Prospective:


To say I ran out of the lecture hall would be an understatement, I boulted. I got out as fast as I could. Thank god I only had one class today. I love collage. I mean when it doesn't invite the one person in the world your trying to avoid as it's fucking keynote speaker, it's great.

"Lottie, honestly where's the fire?" Cole asks as he runs up to me panting, Malcolm and Caleb on his heels.

"Nothing, I just really hate being in there." I lie.

Caleb gives me a looks that says, I'm don't believe a fucking world your saying.

"Since when? Last time we had a speaker you made us wait 55 minutes in there to try and talk to him." Malcolm says.

"Well, I just really need to go home." I lie again.

"Why are you lying to us?" Caleb asks.

"I just-" I'm cut of by a tap on my shoulder. And I turn to see my worst fear. Well fuck me in the ass.

"Lottie, can I please talk to you." Liam asks.

He looks different, his hair no longer long and with it's little swoosh. He's lost his little baby face. I can see his tattoos. His eyes are the same though. Still that warm brown that used to melt my heart. The eyes that comforted me, loved me, cared for me... left me.

"Liam, I..." I sigh looking at my hands.

"Please, five minutes that all I ask. Then if you never want to see me again I will go." he practically begs.

Stupidly I look up. Look into those damn puppy-dog eyes that I could never say no to. "Fine, Five minutes." I quickly turn to my boys and their dumbfounded expressions and sign, "Five minutes, if I'm not back by then come and get me."

"Ok." they all sign back.

I turn and nod to my left and start walking. "So, you found me." I say.

"Yeah. My friend's friend did." he nods looking at the ground.

"Clocks ticking Liam. Talk." I say.

He pulls me over to a corner away from people and looks into my eyes. He takes a breath and starts, "So, I know what I did was wrong. I fucked up and that's not something you can just forgive someone for. I left when you guys needed me most. I know you can never forgive me for that. I just... seeing you made me question everything. You got into your dream school, which is great. I just.. want to see how your life is going."

"Great now." I say. "I got a full ride for photography, a great job, amazing friends. Everything is great, no thanks to you."

He flinched at that. "And um.." He looked down at his hands. "And William?"

I almost wanted to lie. That would be so horrible though, I couldn't do that to him no matter what. "Will is... He's amazing. Cancer free for about a year and a half. He's in daycare right now. He's currently going through a Toy Story phase. I think I've seen them each about ten times." I say with a little laugh.

"Does he... Ever ask about me?" he asks tentatively looking up at me.

"The first couple months after you left he would ask where you were. He sleeps with a picture I took of the two of you, but he stopped asking. I guess he understood it upset me." I say voice slightly shaky.

"I'm just... so so so happy he's alright." he says tears slipping down his cheeks. There was a time when I would have whipped away those tears. "I understand if you say no. I understand if you never want to talk to me again and just want me to go away, but I have to ask. I have to at lest try. Would there be anyway you would let me see him, talk to him, be in his life?"

"Liam..." I sigh and look down.

"Please Lottie. I'm begging. I know I have no right, no right at all. I just want to be in my son's life, I only wish I could have resized this sooner." he says pleadingly.

I look into his eyes, see he's being honest. Every little boy needs a dad. "If you come back into his life now Liam, he's old enough now that he will remember you leaving when you leave again. I don't want to put him through that again."

"I won't leave. I promise." His eyes lock with mine.

"Fine, but you coming back into his life does not mean your coming back into mine. Not like that. And if you leave again, so help me god, I will send Drew after you." I warn.

"I understand. Thank you Lottie. I can never thank you enough." he says smiling at me.

"Actions speak louder then words Liam. Thank me by being an amazing dad, because being a father and being a dad are completely different things."



So, Hey guys........... Now I could make up some lame excuse for why I haven't written since um... August. But honestly I just couldn't think of what to write, I know that in itself is an excuse but still. I'm not going to promise new chapter every day or week. I'll promise at most once per month. I know it sucks but... I try and writing this takes time. Plus I have one other really important story and one less important story. (More excuses!!!!!!!) Anywhoooo, hope the long chapter sort of made up for it! (I know it didn't)

As always thanks a bunch a=for everything you guys do! Please like and favorite this story! Also commenting is amazing and it does make me want to update more! Love you lotzzzzz!


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