Don't Leave, We Need You

Do you know what it's like to wake up and realize you've lost the most important person in your life? Hopefully not. I have though, more times then I wish to count. First my parents when I was six, then my brother when I was 12, my childhood best friend at 14, and now him. The boy I love. He left me all alone to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart. I guess you could say that he didn't leave me completely alone, but that just makes it whose. Because he left me to raise our child, alone.


1. Don't Cry, We'll be Alright



Charlotte's Prospective:


"Liam please!" I beg as I watch him pack his bags. "Please don't go!" I beg, emotion cracking my voice, as he walks out of our bedroom. Tears stream down my face as I watch him walk to the door ignoring my pleads completely. "Liam!" I cry and reach out and take his hand.

He pulls his hand out of my weak grip and says, his voice sounding as though he would brake down and cry at any moment, "I can't stay. I can't just sit back and watch him die."

He opens the door and I beg, "Liam please! We can work through this!"

"No we can't." he says.

"But... But you promised." I cry.

"I lied. Good bye Charlotte." he says as he walks out of the door.

I run out onto the door step and watch as he gets into his car. Right before he closes the car door I make one last feeble attempt to get him to stay. "Liam please, don't leave! We need you!" I yell.

His eyes lock onto mine. His dark chocolate brown eyes tearing up. He looks away and shuts the door to the car. He starts the car and drives out of the driveway, out of my life.

"Mama?" I turn to see my little one year old standing behind me. His beautiful head that used to have little brown curls now is nearly bald.

"What are you doing up silly?" I say trying to make my voice sound happy threw my tears.

"Dada?" he asks. He looks so sad and lost, as though he understand what just happened. Maybe he did, though I doubt his little one year old mind could understand why.

"He's left us love. We're all alone." I say. His eyes, electric blue like mine, tearing up. I pick him up and hold his small body close to mine. "Don't cry, we'll be alright." I whisper more to myself then him.

I carry him back up to his little, Pooh Bear themed, bedroom. I place him in his little bed. "Pooh." he whimpers. I pick up his little toy off the floor and hand it to him.

"All better?" I ask giving him a small smile.

He yawns adorably and I kiss his forehead before I turn off the light and shut his door. I walk to my room and lay on the bed. I bury my face in his pillow and inhale his sweet sent. Th tears I was holding back for Williams sake come flooding back. With thoughts of Liam clouding my mind, I cry myself to sleep.

"Mama?" My eyes flutter open and I turn to see Will standing there tears running down his chubby baby cheeks.

"Aw baby come here." I say pulling him into my bed and holding him close to me. "Did you have a nightmare?"

"Yeah." he mumbles and snuggles his head into my neck.

"It's okay, I'm here I won't let anyone hurt you." I whisper and with that he falls asleep in my arms. "I won't let you be taken away from me." I kiss his head before letting myself fall into a dreamless sleep.




I hope you like the first chapter!

I'm really excited about this story. This is my second story on mavellas, but not my second fan fiction. I've written a lot before this. I'm writing three other stories as well as this one so please be patient with me.

I love hearing what you have to say about this story. I know I get really emotionally attached to the characters in stories. So please I would love to hear you even just yell at them in the comments. I will reply if you have a question.

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Thank you for reading my story and I hope you continue to enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.


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