Don't Leave, We Need You

Do you know what it's like to wake up and realize you've lost the most important person in your life? Hopefully not. I have though, more times then I wish to count. First my parents when I was six, then my brother when I was 12, my childhood best friend at 14, and now him. The boy I love. He left me all alone to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart. I guess you could say that he didn't leave me completely alone, but that just makes it whose. Because he left me to raise our child, alone.


5. After What I Did

Liam's Prospective:


"Charlotte! Wait please!" I yell after her. She ignores me and runs out the door.

I try to after her, but a big bouncer guy stands in font of me. "You can't go that way." He says sternly.

"Please, I have to go after her." I beg.

He leans closer to me and whispers, "I don't know what you did to Lottie, but she's my friend. And I'm not going to let you hurt her again superstar."

This is what it must have felt for her when I left. I think. Though probably times 10.

Someone grabs my arm and leads me away from the big guy. "Lets go before you get the crap beaten out of you." Niall's thick Irish accent whispers into my ear as he brings me out the door. "Let's get back to your flat, then your explaining to us what just happened." he says and pulls me into the car, where the rest of the boys already are.

The car ride is silent, leaving me to think about what happened. She looked so... different. I always new she wanted to reinvent herself, I guess she did. So many question pop into my head at the thought of seeing her again. How was she doing? What was she doing? Was she dating someone? Is she happy? Does she have friends? Though the biggest question on my mind is the one I don't want to think about. The thing I've pushed down so that I would have to deal with the pain. Was my son still alive?

The car stops and everyone gets out. I open the door to my flat and go sit on the couch. I really don't want to talk about this. I don't want them to know my secret. I don't want to look at me and realize just how big of a jackass I am. I left the girl I loved and my dying child.

God, I'm a horrible person, no wonder she didn't want to see me. I think.

The rest of the boys come into the living room and sit down. There's a awkward silence for a good 5 minutes until Niall asks, "Liam, what happened?"

"I don't want to talk about it." I say looking down.

"Well to fucking bad! You're telling us!" Harry yells.

"Calm down Harry." Zayn says putting a hand on his shoulder. "Liam, please tell us."

I keep my head down, not saying anything.

"Okay, lets ask an easier question." Louis says.

"Nothing about her is easier." I whisper. "Any question you ask will still be hard to answer."

"Well then lets start as easy as we can, what's her name?" Zayn asks sighing.

"Charlotte, Charlotte Elizabeth Monday." I say keeping my eyes on the grown.

"How do you know her?" Niall asks.

"She was one of my best friends." I say tears pricking at my eyes.

"What happened?" Louis asks.

"I fell in love with her." I sigh.

"Did she not feel the same way?" Harry asks. I look up to see a look of sympathy in his eyes.

"No, she did." I say turning my gaze back to my feet.

"Then why does she hate you?" Zayn asks.

"Because I'm an idiotic prick who fucked her over and I deserve to be hated." I say my voice cracking with emotion.

"No your not Liam." Niall says putting a hand on my arm .

"God yes I am. After what I did, I don't think she could ever forgive me." I say tears starting to slip down my cheeks.

"What did you do that was so bad?" Louis asks.

"Sit back kids," I say sighing. "This is going to me one hell of a long story."

I look up to see them all nod. I lean my head back and take a deep breath. I never thought I would ever have to tell someone this story. I never wanted to. I hope I wouldn't have to. Now here I am, about to tell it for the first time in years.

"I was 14 when I met her." I start. "She was crying under a willow tree dressed all in black, I sat with her and we talked. Her best friend had just died. Her parents had died when she was 6 and her older brother had died when she was 12. She was now living with her evil aunt and she had no friends anymore. We became close friends. She was a year younger then me, but her birthday was near the beginning of the year, so most of the time we were the same age. A few months after we met, I told her I loved her. She told me she felt the same. She had only barley turned 15 when she told me she was pregnant. She was so scared, but I told her we could get through it. Her aunt kicked her out, so I got us a tiny little house. Fast forward and our son was born. His name was William Ky Payne. Ky after her brother. We called him Will though. He was barley a year when we found out he had leukemia. I was so sad, so upset, I left. I never heard from her again, my family agreed never to speak of her again and we acted like it had never happened." By the time I had finished tears were streaming down my cheeks and I could barley get the words out. 

"Your horrible." Harry says shaking his head. He gets up and leaves my flat.

"Don't listen to him Liam."Niall says hugging me.

"He's right though, I am horrible. No wonder she didn't want to see me. No wonder she called me a nightmare." I say through my tears.

"Sh Liam."Zayn says hugging me as well. "Don't cry."

"I don't even know if my son is even alive." I cry.

"Let's find out then." Louis say. "That is if you want to." he adds.

"Yes, I want to." I say.

"You know if you go back, you can't leave again."Zayn says.

"I know." I say. "I want to get my family back."




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