you found me

I thought It would be the perfect night of my life. That nothing could go wrong and i would remember that night forever. well i was right about one thing. I would remember that night forever, but not for the reasons i wanted.


8. Visiting

May's P.O.V

I woke up and put on some black sweat pants and a black tank top. May? May you in there?" My brother knocked on the door and I ignored I think he understood i still needed my space. I turned on the tv and changed the channels until I got to something I liked. Captain America. That movie always did the trick. I turned off all the lights, shut my curtains, and laid down in bed, staring up at the stars on my celing. That's when I snapped. I let out a scream and jumped onto my bed, ripping the stars off and throwing them everywhere. My brother and one direction came bursting into my room. When did they get here? Luke freaked and ran up to me." It's okay may. It's alright." He said as he enveloped my shaking body. I hugged him and he turned around, while holding me and yelled "GET OUT!!" The boys instantly scrambled out of my room. I continued to shake in my older brothers arms and he rocked me back and forth while sitting on the end of my bed. "Why may? You love those stars!" I just shook my head and crawled back under my covers, the sound of fighting and yelling mirroring my thoughts. 

Niall's P.O.V

I rang the door bell to the survivors house. No wait. I should stop calling her that. Management said her name was may. May. That's a pretty name. A guy who looked about 23 opened the door and said," oh. It's you guys." "Please we just want to see how She's doing. We feel awful about what happened." Liam said. "Yeah well what happened happened but I don't think she's ready for visitors just yet" "please ju-" Liam got cut off by a scream. Luke instantly took off and we followed him to the second level of the house, into a room that was painted white with furniture that was All the colors of the rainbow. A red dresser, orange lamp, yellow bookshelf, and so on. The girl from last night, may, was ripping plastic glow on the dark stars off her ceiling in a rage. The guy held her as she shook with rage. He turned around and yelled "GET OUT!!" At us. We a scrambled out of he room and ended up in the living room."oh my god guys. The girl is a mess" Harry said with his head in his hands. "Hey! She's not just 'the girl'! Her name is may." A the boys looked at me funny but continued. Finally the guy came downstairs and plopped into a large leather chair. He ran his hand down his face And let out a heavy sigh. "I don't know how I'm going to do this. Sure I can handle a 18 year old happy girl with a best friend to run to but now? She's and 18 year old girl who lost her bestfriend and had to see it. How am I supposed to do this?!" He leaned forward and looked at us intently. "She hasn't even said a word since she got home! I'm really worried. She's never done that before. And those stars. She put those up with our parents when she was little. She loved those stars. Oh god. You boys better do something to fix what you've broken or I swear to god I will break all you're faces, and your testicles." After the guys rant we just sat there in shock. Harry covered his junk with his hands and said," not to be impolite but who are you?" "I'm Luke. May's older brother." "And she lives here with you? What about your parents?" I asked. "Our parents died last year and, I sai I would take care of her. I couldn't bear to have them out my little sister in the foster system." "Oh. I'm sorry for your loss" I said. After that Liam said "we can fix this. We can I promise you. Are we allowed to visit her at all?" Luke took a minute. "Yes BUT, try to give her time. Don't rush her to do things and, if I catch any of you trying anything sexually related with her, I WILL neuter you. We clear?" We all shook our heads. And then Liam's phone went off. "Oh guys. Looks like Simon wants to have a meeting with us. Sorry Luke, it was nice meeting you but we have to go." "No no, understandable." He nodded And showed us to the door. We climbed into the car and Harry asked "hey niall, you wanna get a bite to eat first?" I shook my head no. I wasn't hungry after seeing that. All the boys turned around and looked at me. "You feeling alright niall" "yeah Lou I'm fine." Louis turned back around and zayn have him a look. Louis just shrugged. Well whatever. I don't care what they think. I was going to fix this even if it meant I couldn't eat. This was just to important. 

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