you found me

I thought It would be the perfect night of my life. That nothing could go wrong and i would remember that night forever. well i was right about one thing. I would remember that night forever, but not for the reasons i wanted.


3. Tradgedy

Jaime and I got there relatively early and were one of the first people in our seats. We were about in the middle of the a section. That's not as close as I was Hoping for but, it was still pretty fan-freaking tastic. After about two and a half hours everyone was in their seats. For about ten minutes everyone was screaming, waving their signs, and urging the boys to come on stage. The boys finally ran out on stage (looking perfect as usual might I add), waving their hands up in the air urging on the cheers. "HOW'S IT GOING TONIGHT GUYS?" Liam yelled into his microphone. He was met with a surge of about 13,000 teenage girls screaming at once. We were a sma town with a small stadium but, somehow, one direction was playing here. "Alrighty tonight we are going to start it off with a favorite Among many of you and remember if you know the words song along!" Niall said. The five of them got in their positions and started to sing little things. The whole crowd MELTED. girls were even fainting. When Louis saw one girl faint he gasped and smiled. He pointed and the other boys saw. After the song was over Harry said " is she alright?" One of the body gaurds gave him a thumbs up and Harry nodded. The boys continued and sang about 5 more songs until they finall got to my all time favorite song by them. The boys spread out and started to sing 'kiss you'. I screamed and jumped up and down. Only half way through the songs loud popping noises filled the stadium and people screamed but not in exitment. In fear. Immediately the boys were rushed off the stage and people were trying to be ushered out of the stadium but all the exits were blocked. Everyone was screaming and pushing but I didn't understand. What was going on? I looked over for Jaime but she wasn't there. "Jaime? Jaime?! JAIME!" I screamed, spinning in circles. "May!" I heard a faint voice call. I headed in that direction but got tripped by something. I looked. It was a body. I now understood. We were trapped, and someone was trying to kill us all. A loud explosion sounded from one of the upper rows in the stadium and they collapsed. I looked around again. So many people were dead. People all around me started to drop. They were opening fire on our section. More explosions sounded and soon, there were no more screams. I laid sobbing on the ground. I looked up. They had opened to top off the stadium because it was such a nice night. All of the stars were up there, as if they had been out there to calm me but, for the first time ever, they didn't work. I squeezed my eyes shut when I heard footsteps coming closer. I panicked and smeared blood over my abdomen and lay still. The person walked up and down the rows in our section and paused when he got to me. He reached down and touched my face. "What a shame you had to die. You are so pretty" he started to stroke my face and I almost let out a whimper but I held it in. He started to rub my leg and I almost lost it. Right before I was about to scream he got up and walked away. Once I was sure he was out of hearing range I let out a shaky sigh. So many thoughts ran through my head. Why couldn't i have taken the extra time to say goodbye to Luke? what if this is it? is jaime dead? why me? why any of us?After what felt like hours i heard pounding at the stadium doors and finally they were bust open and hundreds of police and firemen rushed in and the police immediately checked everywhere but i knew he would be gone by now. I opened my eyes that had been clenched shut since he picked my and looked around. I was soaked in everyone's blood, thank to the downhill curve in the stadium all the blood was flowing toward me and I was covered from head to toe. Literally. I could feel it, warm and sticky on my face and feet. I stood up in shock and looked around. Everyone was dead. I met eyes with a fireman who shouted and pointed at me before passing out. 

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