you found me

I thought It would be the perfect night of my life. That nothing could go wrong and i would remember that night forever. well i was right about one thing. I would remember that night forever, but not for the reasons i wanted.


11. Speaking

*One week later*

I walked into the Starbucks With determination. I was going to order. I have been working with my therapist lately I'm talking and I had gotten much better. I got in line and scanned the board. Too soon it was my turn to order. I opened my mouth and words turn to come out. "I would like a medium iced coffee please". I nearly jumped up and down I was so excited. I got my order and rushed out of the Starbucks. when I got home I rushed my brother. "Luke Luke look What i did! i ordered at Starbucks I can talk now I've been working with Dr. Grey and look I can talk." "Oh my God May that's amazing! "Luke and I were jumping up and down hugging each other (careful not to spill the coffee)when the doorbell rang. I ran over to it and open the door. "Hello? " Oh my goodness it was The boys. What was One direction  doing in my house? "um hello may " Zayn said awkwardly "what you guys doing here"I replied "well we wanted to see how you're doing you know. we had heard that you were talking better and we just want to see if it is was true.  "Niall said I blushed  "well it's true see I'm talking." "well that's very good. We're proud of you" Niall said again. Harry poked Niall in the ribs with his elbow and gave him a look. " um would you guys like to come in or something?" "Sure" Harry said. I opened the door wider and all the boys tucked in.  Niall went straight for the kitchen and the rest of the boys went to the living room. " hey guys we could go to my room if you want?" the boys all nodded their heads. I headed to the kitchen to tell Niall "so we're going up to my room. no food in my room. I don't want bugs. " "please please please I'm so hungry" "no exceptions "I left the kitchen and headed upstairs. In my room we all Lounged and waited for Niall to quit stuffing his face. Finally niall came upstairs but when I looked at him I burst into laughter. He had jelly on his face. I got up from my spot on my bed and wiped the jelly off with my thumb then put my thumb in my mouth. Niall stood there with wide eyes and stuttered out a thank you. I just smiled and sat back down. After we were all seated somewhere I said " hey you guys want to watch a movie?" Everyone agreed so I listed the ones I had "alright I have Thor, the Incredible Hulk, captain America, iron man 1,2,and 3, super man 1,2,and 3, avengers, Mulan , the hunchback of notre dame, atlantis, the little mermaid,lady and the tramp, cinderella, and pretty mich any other disney movies tou can think of." I turned around and all the boys had shocked faces. "What?" "Um it's just that you're awesome." Harry said. I smiled. "We'll my favorite one is captain America so, could we watch that?" All the boys agreed. "Niall watches that movie all the time too" Louis said. I smiled at niall. "You have good taste in movies" he smiled back quite awkwardly. I laughed and sat back down on my bed. Niall crept over and sat next to me in my bed. "You don't mind of I sit here do you?" "No. Not at all."  about a half an hour into the movie Niall's hand crept over my shoulders but I didn't mind. I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes."I don't think it's your guys fault you know." "What?" "The concert. What happened. I don't think it's your fault. It's that dicks fault." Niall chuckled "thank you." After that I finally fell asleep on him. 


When I woke up everyone was asleep and the movie was over. Everyone except for niall.  Looked over and he was watching me. Not creepily but, like amazed."what are you looking at?" I whispered "you. You're beautiful you know that?" I blushed and said" no I'm not." "I think you are." I looked at him and our faces were only inches apart. Inches became centimeters,centimeters became millimeters, until final, our lips met. I swear to god someone must have been setting off fireworks because it was the best kiss ever. When we pulled away we looked into each others eyes and it was like a bomb went off. We kissed each other passionately and I laid down further on the bed with niall on top of me.  thank god my brother already left for work, i thought as k weaved my fingers into his soft blonde hair and arched my back, pressing myself against him. I tugged at the bottom of his shirt and he pulled it off. I ran my hands down his chest and he moaned. He started nipping my neck until I softly moaned too. We went back to kissing and soon his hand was under my shirt gripping my stomach. I pulled away and pulled off my shirt. I flipped us over and started to kiss up and down his chest. It was so smooth and he had muscles alright. A six pack. I kissed along mg the line of his jeans and he moaned, then flipped me back onto the bed so he was ontop. He started to kiss my stomach until I was panting and then moved up my chest. The fire in my stomach got hotter when he started to kiss along the line of my bra. "Take it off" I moaned. He reached behind my chest and unsnapped my bra. He pulled the straps off my arms and threw it on the floor. I hooked my arms behind his neck and arched my back against him and we started to kiss passionately again. Niall cupped one of my breast and I moaned. "WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT OH MY GOD" Louis screamed. Shit! I got so caught up in the moment I forgot the boys were in here! Of course Louis's screaming woke up the rest of the boys I covered my breasts with my hands and niall turned so his back was to me, blocking me from the boys view. "Oh my god niall! What the fuck?" Harry said "just get out! Get out!" He screamed at te boys and they all rushed out and downstairs. He turned around to face me and I started to laugh. "That's was so horribly awkward." I looked at niall. We were both still only half clothed. I wanted to finish what we had started. I crawled towards him and kissed him softly. Soon we were back where we were before. I tracked down and unbuckled Niall's pants and pulled then down. He pulled down my shorts in return. I looked down and he was hard. I reache forward and cupped him through his under wear. "May." He sighed. I pulled his underwear all the way off and he moaned. He looked into my eyes and pulled my boy shorts off. He positioned himself and looked into my eyes." Are you sure?" I nodded and then he started to move. At first it hurt, but then it just felt good. After, niall collapsed beside me." That was great." I said. Niall smiled at me. "For me too may. Me too." I kissed his chest then got out of bed. "Come on the boys are downstairs. Don't want them being suspicious now do we?" "Nope!" Niall said and launched out of bed. After we were both dressed I looked at niall." Niall, I don't want to be just a fuck buddy to you." "I don't want to to be a fuck buddy to me either. So, would you like to be my girlfriend? We could he out on a date later?" I nodded and smiled. "I would love to." We left my room and walked downstairs, hand in hand. "What took you two so long?" Harry asked with raised eyebrows. I flushed and so did niall. "We just had to talk some Things over. No biggie." "Okay" Harry said mockingly. Niall punched him in the shoulder and hissed," shut up styles" "alright boys we have to get going. We aren't supposed to spend the night." Liam said. "Bye may!"

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