you found me

I thought It would be the perfect night of my life. That nothing could go wrong and i would remember that night forever. well i was right about one thing. I would remember that night forever, but not for the reasons i wanted.


4. Our fault

Niall's P.O.V

The boys and I had insisted to wait outside and see the survivors even though management wanted us to get further away, we had to stay. This was our fault. We had to play on this small stadium with five entrances and exits, one for us, four for the people attending. I watched as all the fire and police men rushed in the stadium and waited for then to start bringing lots of girls out but, only one man came out with a girl who was coverd in blood head to toe. He handed her off the the EMT and they started to run simple tests on her. After they confirmed she had no bullet wounds and had a strong steady pulse they backed up and let us closer to her. I looked at her. She looked like a peaceful yet dangerous avengefull angel with her brown hair fanned out around her. While admiring her, her eye lids shot open and revealed two hazel eyes. She gasped in a breath and sat up. She looked at us surrounding her on the gurney. "What's going on?" She asked in a quite voice. She must have been in shock. Noone wanted to be the one to deliver the news so I spoke up first." Umm. There was a bit of a problem during the concert..." She looked over Harry's shoulder and saw the stadium through and open door."no." She breathed out. We looked down. "Jaime. Jaime! JAIME!!" She screamed the girls name and took off to the stadium. "NO!" We shouted. The girl ran through all the bodies and started to turn circles. "JAIME! ANSWER ME WHERE ARE YOU?!" Nothing happened and the girl sank to her knees and looked up at the Celing that had been opened so all the stars were out. She said nothing, didnt even cry, and no one knew what to do. 

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