you found me

I thought It would be the perfect night of my life. That nothing could go wrong and i would remember that night forever. well i was right about one thing. I would remember that night forever, but not for the reasons i wanted.


1. no way!!

I stared intently at my laptop, alone in my room at 3 in the morning with  brothers credit card at the ready. I had already memorized the number but i had it just in case. You might be wondering why i am doing this and i'll tell you. one directions where we are tour is releasing tickets for america and i am getting the good seats. There is no messing this up. The countdown was in the last ten and i was ready. Finally it hit one and my screen loaded to the ticket purchasing screen. With the speed of a true directioner i bought tickets for me and my best friend in less than five seconds. I immediately called her up. "Jaime. Guess what section we're in." "What what tell me already!" She whisper shouted at me. "Section. A" i heard her gasp. "You dont mean-" "right in front of the stage yes. Yes i do",we screamed and started to fangirl because holy freaking shit we were going to be close enough for them to SWEAT ON US. i know that might sound a little weird but COME ON. THATS SO CLOSE.after about ten seconds of fangirling i heard my older brother come thundering into my room. "MAY. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY SHUT UP. ITS THREE IN THE MORNING." i looked at him and said " luke. You dont understand. I just got A ROW SEATS TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT SO SHUT THE HELL UP AND GO BACK TO BED." My brother could be a real pain in my ass sometimes but he was the only family i had left. My parents died in a car crash last year. I was only seventeen but luke was 23 so, he took me in. Now i'm18 , graduating high scool this year and love one direction. I looked at my phone and realized that jaime was still on the line. "Jaime? You still there?" "Yeah" "okay so now the biggest issue is, what to wear, how should we wear our hair how much makeup..." i looked at my alarm clock. The red numbers screamed 3:07 at my eyes. "Hey jaime, can we talk about this later? I really need to get some sleep."  She agreed with me and hung up so we both could get our much needed sleep. i turned off my laptop and phone and laid down in bed, looking at my glow in the dark stars. They were so, calming and serene. I put them up when i was 7 and refused to take them down ever since. I cant sleep without them. I slowly fell asleep,dreaming of how amazing theconcert was going to be.


*day of the concert* 

OH I JUST WANNA TAKE YOU ANYWAY THAT YOU LIKE, WE COULD GO OUT ANY DAY ANY NIGHT BABY I'LL- i slammed my alarm clock and shot up in bed. This was the day. Yes THE day. I had exactly one hour to get ready before i had to leave to get to the stadium and get to my seat on time. I rushed to the bathroom , washed my hair, shaved, got completely ready then, got dressed. Jaime and i decided on just some mascara and foundation if needed. After that was the hair. It was really very simple actually. Just a side part and some hair spray to keep it in place. I looked at my self in my full length mirror. Perfect. I was wearing a pair of hot pink jean shorts and a white sheer t shirt with a hot pink bra and hot pink jewelry. I also wore white flip flops. I grabbed my side bag (hot pink of course) and ran down the stairs and out to the driveway without saying bye to my brother. I waited in the driveway for five minuted before i took out my iphone and texted her 'where are you?!?!' After only a few seconds i got 'on my way' . true to her word jaime showed up in two minutes. I hopped in the front seat and said "gun it bitch" she smiled and took off. I laid my head against the  cool leather and smiled. I would always remember today. 

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