He Changed my life

"Don't do that." I hear a voice say behind me. I drop the knife as tears stream down my face. He found out what I do. "You're ruining your perfect skin." He says as he grabs my arm making me look at my wrist, bleeding.


7. Trying To Not Cut

[Lexi's POV]

We were late to our first class and now we all have detention after school, great. It seemed like hours until first class was over. All I want to do is go home and cut or actually... I brought a blade today, I can cut during lunch! Er wait, Liam is trying to make me eat today. No! I told him I wasn't gonna even though he wants to help.


I was sitting next to Liam and of course he bought me lunch, "Please eat." He begs as he looks into my ugly blue eyes. We only made eye contact for about ten seconds but in those ten seconds it felt like he was looking into my heart and soul, begging with those big brown eyes, who could resist?

I look down at my food and slowly take a bite, I chew a little and swallow and instantly I feel like I just gained five pounds. I then notice all the people staring at me, probably thinking, 'wow? The loser finally ate!' Then then look away and I hear rude comments, "Attention seeking whore!" I hold back tears as I run out of the cafeteria. I run into the bathroom and pull out the blade I brought from my sweat pants pocket. I sigh looking at it and then I slide it over my arm one, two, three, four, five times. Holding my arm over the sink in the bathroom, watching it slide down my arm and drip off my hand into the sink. I look up into the mirror and see my horrible reflection forcing itself to stare back at me. "You pig." I mutter.

"Don't be calling yourself that." A familiar voice says and then Liam steps into the bathroom, looking at him in the mirror and watching his face and waiting for his reaction.

"Didn't I tell you that you're ruining your perfect skin!" He says loudly as he walks up to me and pulls the blade out of my hand, I struggled to fight him for it but I lost. Then he grabs paper towels and places them over my cut. Wiping away the fresh blood that is still coming out. He looks at me, "I know this is hard but you will win this fight." He says and then pulls me into a bear hug. That's when I break, tears stream down my face. He pulls out of the hug and wipes away my tears. He looks down at my cuts noticing that they stopped bleeding. He gently grabs my wrist and kisses it, "Like I said, I'll help you through this. So will Niall and Louis." I smile at him speechless. "Come on lets go before I get in trouble for being in the girls bathroom, although you would get a laugh out of it. I chuckle and he pulls down my sleeve and we walk out of the bathroom. Lunch is over, time for class.


Me, Liam, Louis and Niall all sat in the detention room with just a couple other people. We have to sit here for an hour, nothing to do. The teacher that was suppose to be in here watching us left to get some coffee so Louis and Niall took this chance to try and sneak out. Me and Liam sat there waiting for the teacher to come back and listen to him yell at Louis and Niall. The boys snuck out of the room and we couldn't hear any yelling. "Maybe they actually got out without getting caught?" Liam says with a shrug.

Then the teacher walks in pulling Louis and Niall in after him, "Spoke too soon." I whisper to Liam which makes him laugh.

"Detention for two months! An hour everyday after school!" The teacher shouts pushing Louis and Niall down into their seats.

Me and Liam can't help but laugh and the teacher shoots us a deadly glare, I never bothered to learn his name, I'll just call him teacher.

The rest of the time me and Liam ended up making tapping noises until the end of detention, the teacher didn't get bothered by it. He actually tried to make some tapping noises but then got frustrated and walked out.

*After work*

I stood out on the sidewalk waiting for a taxi, when I finally got one I hopped in and told the man where to go. Once I got to my place I walked into the building and up the stairs to my door, when I looked up from the ground there was Liam. "Told my parents that I was staying at Louis house. But really I'm staying here. But only to make sure that you don't cut!" He says fast. I sigh and roll my eyes as I open the door and let him in, I waited all this time to cut and then Liam had to come and make sure that I won't. This will be an interesting night.

We ended up making jokes and then having really close conversations. I told him things that I wouldn't ever tell anyone but I feel like I can trust him. When it came time to go to bed I slept on my bed and he slept on the floor. We made sure to set out blankets on the floor and pillows, trying to make it comfy. He helped me forget about wanting to cut, but I'm sure I'll be trying real hard to cut in the morning.


A/N: Hello! I'm really glad that you guys enjoy this book! It means a lot to me and I like the comments. ;) Anyways, thank you for reading, favoriting, liking, and commenting. :D


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