He Changed my life

"Don't do that." I hear a voice say behind me. I drop the knife as tears stream down my face. He found out what I do. "You're ruining your perfect skin." He says as he grabs my arm making me look at my wrist, bleeding.


8. The Morning

[Lexi's POV]

I shot up taking a deep breath and filling my lungs with fresh air, I clenched onto the sheets shaking, sweating. My nightmares only got worse this time not about my parents dying but this time my parents were still alive, they hated me and instead of me cutting myself, they cut my arms, knees, legs, wrist, stomach, me bleeding everywhere till I bled to death. In my dream, after I died, there was Liam at my grave crying. My mom went up to him and whispered something in his ear making his eyes go wide in terror. Within seconds she had a gun to his head and she shot him. I rolled over to the edge and looked at Liam sound asleep, watching his chest move up and down. I smiled happy that he was still alive, happy that I was alive but it faded realizing that my parents aren't alive. I searched my bed in a panic until I finally found my phone, six in the morning. Liam is still asleep so this is perfect! I can cut without him stopping me! I quietly but quickly slip out of my comfy and cozy bed. I walk into the kitchen and threw the draw open, it made a louder noise than I thought but I didn't care, cutting is my drug. I picked up a knife and I put the knife on my skin, getting ready to drag it along my skin but then a strong arm stole the knife from me. I shot around to see Liam standing there, "Lexi! You're not going to cut anymore!" He says in a loud tone, shocking me and making me jump a little. His face soon softens and he say, "Sorry Lexi." I stare at him for a second then my eyes make their way to the knife in his hand, then they shoot down at the drawer filled with knives. Liam looked at the drawer and then at me. I look at him, the drawer and back to him, over and over again until I finally made a run for it I grabbed a knife and then ducked, sliding on the kitchen floor. I stood up and ran around the small room. Liam dropped the knife he had in his hand and chased me, soon tackling me and stealing the knife from me. I stood there speechless on the top of my bed, Liam standing two feet from me. I jumped off my bed, flying threw the air and landing on the floor. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed another knife. Liam chases after me and then he surprisingly throws the knife on the floor, redness in his face he shouts, "Damn it Lexi! You're acting like a fucking kid! I know that it's hard but will you fucking drop the knife!"

Anger now taking over me, "You don't know a fucking thing about this Liam!" I shriek as I drop the knife and tears stream down my face. His face becomes calmer and not red as he trys to hug me but I simply push him away locking myself in the bathroom.

He bangs on the door, "Lexi, I'm sorry!"

"Go away Liam! I have to take a fucking shower anyways!" I scream.

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