He Changed my life

"Don't do that." I hear a voice say behind me. I drop the knife as tears stream down my face. He found out what I do. "You're ruining your perfect skin." He says as he grabs my arm making me look at my wrist, bleeding.


13. Hospital

[Liam's POV] *Four hours later*

It took me about two hours to get out of the woods. A hour to find the hospital and another hours of waiting in the waiting room to see Lexi. I decided to look up , 'Help me stop self harm' and I stumbled upon a thing called 'The butterfly project'

"You can see her now." The nurse says. I stand up and follow the nurse to a room. I walk in only to find Lexi laying there in the bed.

"how are your wrists? Did you get more blood?"

She smiles, "They gave me more blood and stitched my wrists."

I sit in a chair next to her, "I found a thing called he butterfly project." She looks over at me confused before I continue, "Whenever you want to self harm just simply draw a butterfly on your arm. If you cut then you kill the butterfly."

"I wouldn't care if I killed the butterfly." She responds.

I at her, "If another person draws them on you then their extra special and you need to take care of them. If they fade away, without scrubbing them off, then they will have survived."

"Let me guess, you're going to draw them on me?"

"Would you kill them if I drew them on you?"


I smile and look around the room, my eyes land on a pen by the window. I walk back and grab her arm. I look at all the scars before I draw on her arm, I draw a big butterfly just below her stitches and I sign my name under it. I smile and look at her, "I named this one Liam."

She smiles, "It's definitely special now."

I sit back in the chair before I speak again, "So... Uh... You said you loved me?"

"And you said it back?"

"so where does that put us?"

A smile creep onto her face before she says, "Maybe more than friends?"

I smile, "Lexi, will you be my girlfriend."


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