He Changed my life

"Don't do that." I hear a voice say behind me. I drop the knife as tears stream down my face. He found out what I do. "You're ruining your perfect skin." He says as he grabs my arm making me look at my wrist, bleeding.


16. Confused

[Lexi's POV] *After school*

I have been called nothing but a slut all day today and I feel like crying, I want to just scream and hide. I've been wanting to cut but I can't cause of the fucking butterfly! I have the day off today and I think I should go visit Liam but I don't exactly know where he lives. I think I'm gonna ask Niall, I can see his talking to Louis. I walk up to them, "What's up?"

"Oh... Hey... Hi Lexi." Niall says making Louis laugh at him.

"Okay so can you take me to Liam's place?"

"Oh I can't."


"Well.. Because..." He pauses. "Cause I have to uhm check on my -- I have to go to work."

Louis burst out into a laughing fit and I let out a confused laugh before saying, "Okay?" Then I walk away turning the corner but I stop and lean against the wall of the school to listen to their conversation.

"The fuck was that?" Louis asks. "I have to check on my -- I have to go to work." Louis mocks him laughing. "I think she knows that you don't work! You're horrible at lying!"

"Shut up. I think it would be weird if I go to Liam's with her."

"I'm not understanding."

"I think I like her more than a friend and if I take her then I will end up trying to kiss her or something? I wanted to kiss her today in the bathroom."

"Hold the fuck up." Louis says shocking me and I'm assuming shocking Niall too.

"What?" Niall questions.

"Why were you guys in the bathroom?"

"She cut. I drew a butterfly on her. I told her some things to get her to calm down, but everything was true."

"Why was she cutting?"

"people keep calling her a slut."


"Damn Louis, where the fuck were you this morning?"

"I was late to school."

"Well I had my arm around her shoulder."

"First, don't put your arm around her shoulder unless you're dating her. Reason one, it would make her think you like her more than friends. Second reason, people will think you guys are dating."

"But all I have been wanting to do is kiss her, especially when we were in the bathroom and we were so close to each other. I'm just as nice as Liam is, to be honest I feel a little jealous that he gets to date her."

I hear Louis sigh, "Let's get your mind off of her."

Okay, I'm done listening. I've had enough, all I'm thinking about is how I kind of wanted to kiss Niall in the bathroom too and now I feel like a horrible person. I walk away but then Harry walks in front of me. I slowly back away, "Don't hurt me." I almost whisper.

He looks a little hurt, "I won't hurt you. I just heard that you wanted to know how to get to Liam's place so I thought I would show you."

I slowly nod my head, "Okay, let's go."

He smiles and he puts his arm around me, no. This doesn't mean he like me? Nah, he couldn't. Why is his arm around me? Why? I look around and people are giving me dirty looks. "You really are a slut!" A girl screams.

I move from Harry with tears in my eyes, I look around and see Niall and Louis walking towards me. I look at Harry then to Niall and then I run. "Where are you going! I thought I was going to show you to Liam's place?!" Harry calls out behind me.

I look back to find Harry with hurt eyes and Louis just standing there with a smile, where is Niall. I stop and completely turn around and that's when I see Niall but he doesn't see me and he runs into me. We both fall to the ground, him on top of me, our faces inches away and he takes this opportunity to kiss me. I push him away.

I'm so confused, I need to get away from these people. From Niall, away from Harry, not even to take a look at Liam. I'm confused, why do they all like me so much? I'm ugly and fat and I guess a slut now. I feel horrible. I let the tears slide down my face as I stand up and walk away.

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