He Changed my life

"Don't do that." I hear a voice say behind me. I drop the knife as tears stream down my face. He found out what I do. "You're ruining your perfect skin." He says as he grabs my arm making me look at my wrist, bleeding.


14. Apologize

[Liam's POV] *Next day at school*

Once me and Lexi step inside the school Niall runs up to us, "Liam! Lexi! I'm so sorry, Harry was holding me back and so I couldn't help!"

"It's fine." Lexi says with a smile.

"Did anything bad happen last night? Like uhm, did you cut again?" He questions looking at Lexi.

I quickly respond, "No. Nothing happened." I know that she wouldn't want to tell anyone what exactly happened yesterday.

"Well one thing happened." She says with a cheeky smile on her face.

Niall looks confused, "What happened?"

"Were dating."

"Yaaaaaaay!!" Louis screams behind us.

We laugh but then people must have over heard our conversation cause instantly people start to say rude things towards us, "Liam are you seriously dating that pig?" "She's so fat!" "Liam you're so stupid for dating her." "Liam watch out she's a whore!" Lexi's smile starts to disappear and she looks down at the floor.

I start to get angry, I don't understand what she did to make them call her that, I don't she did anything! "She honestly didn't do anything to you guys! She's an amazing person and beautiful. I don't understand why you guys are saying these things! It's not right to put someone down only to make you happy. She has feeling like you guys do, if I were to call you guys the things you call her, whore, slut, fat, bitch, ugly, pig, freak, loner, attention seeker and more than would you guys be hurt? I'm sure you would. If you watched her get beat up and not help her then how do you think that made her feel? It hurt her, it would hurt you guys too. You guys honestly don't know what has happened in her life something bad could have happened and all you're doing is making her feel worse." After saying that I realize that were going to be late to class so I grab Lexi's hand and simply walk away, leaving everyone standing there completely shocked and speechless.

*After school*

The entire day people either apologized to Lexi or just simply ignored her, Lexi kept thanking me over and over again. "Hey, I have to go to work." She says before walking away.

"I'll see you later." I call out as I watch her walk away.

Then I see Harry walk up to me, "Liam."

"What do you want?"

"I just want to say that I'm sorry."

"What for? You held back Niall so he could beat up my girlfriend." I'm actually trying to say that aloud to get used to it cause it's still all new to me to just call her my girlfriend.

"I know, I felt horrible that day so after it happened I was going to apologize to her but she was so far ahead of me, running and I couldn't possibly catch up to her so I was going to apologize to her today but I never had the chance to." He responds.

"Wow so you're apologizing to him now too?" Zayn says walking up behind Harry.

Harry quickly turns around, "Yes. Zayn, I'm not hanging out with you anymore if you keep bullying. That's pretty much the reason why Niall, Liam and Louis left."

"And they left to help the slut." Zayn says with a chuckle.

I quickly punch Zayn in the jaw making his head shoot to the left. He slowly turns to look a me, his eyes dark with hate before he punches me in the face, making my nose bleed and then he kicks me hard in the stomach, I curl over in pain. Harry quickly runs to attack Zayn but a random guy grabs his hands and pulls him back. Zayn lets out a deep laugh before he continues to hit me, over and over again until I'm laying on the cement. Then he decides to stop, leaving me there he pulls Harry away. Harry shouts and fights but he can't get out of Zayn and the random mans hold.

I lay there in pain not wanting to move.

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