Something About You

18 year old Arielle has lost everything, her friends, her older brother Zack just died in a crash. Arielle's parents thinks its best for her to move. when Arielle moves to London, she finds that her life may be turned around, and then she meets a guy who changes her, no longer was she depressed. Arielle soon fell for him, but does he feel the same? will her parents soon realize what they done?


1. We're Moving

Arielle's POV

After Zack's death I fell apart. he was my best friend, older brother, just my favorite person.

Sure, we fought, but siblings do that. he also was very over protective about me.

I barely talk to my parents about how I feel. They don't understand. They tell me to get over it and that it happens to all of us. tell me how im suppose to let it go? My older brother died, because instead of going the speed limit, My dad sped up. I know he didn't think it would happen, but it did. He killed Zack. I Know he blames himself for it. i don't know what to do, Every time i look at pictures of Zach or anything of his, the anger builds up. and i end up crying for hours.

Nothing made sense, why should i talk to my parents? all they do is tell me to get over my self.

i went downstairs to get breakfast and my parents seem to be waiting for me.

"Arielle, i know its been hard since- Zachary's death, so your moving to London, with your cousin." my dad explained.

"WHAT! no! I dont think moving will help any. and Dad?" i replied

"yes Hun" he looked calm, too calm.

"its Zack, he goes by Zack." i shot out.

he signed and looked annoyed "go pack up, your leaving this afternoon." he stated.

"fine!! i hate all of you bastards anyways" i mumbled

i ran upstairs and gathered my things. after i finished packing i went into Zack's room, and pack some items too keep. Hell, i probably packed all his pics and loose items, like his favorite shirt, pretty much everything.

i went downstairs and headed for the airport. my parents didn't even look upset that i was leaving.

my mom shrugged and my dad rushed me inside.

"well have a nice flight, call if you need anything i guess, errm we will keep in touch. bye" my dad said, well shit i might as well call him David.

my mom looked at him and hugged me and whispered "sorry. i love you"

"you have a weird way of showing me that you love me mom." i snapped

she just looked hurt and shrugged, "see you Later" they both said leaving me already. jeesh shouldn't they wait for me to board and be teary eyed? or at least stay with me? ever since Zack died they treated like shit, i did whatever i want because they ignored me.

i boarded my plane, great. here goes nothing, new life, a new start.

(we arrive in London, where i meet with Cecelia)

"oh cousin, hey im so sorry about everything, im here" Cece gave me a huge hug, making me even more sad because that's how my parents used to be giving hugs, Zack's death changed everything.

we went to our home. it felt weird, will my new school be different? its my senior year, woohoo lets make the most out of it.


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