Something About You

18 year old Arielle has lost everything, her friends, her older brother Zack just died in a crash. Arielle's parents thinks its best for her to move. when Arielle moves to London, she finds that her life may be turned around, and then she meets a guy who changes her, no longer was she depressed. Arielle soon fell for him, but does he feel the same? will her parents soon realize what they done?


4. Secrets Revealed .

Niall's POV

You know what, no i'm going to tell her. She deserves to know about what her precious harry is doing behind her back, its wrong.

She doesn't need to be treated this way, after all she is my best bud. and i'm not gonna just sit and do nothing.

so i decided to call Harry, tell him off. the phone rang before he finally answered.

"hello?' he said

"shall i tell Arielle or should i not?" i grinned

"don't you dare, you bastard" he snapped

"ah ah ah , don't treat me like this if you want your secret kept safe..." i told him.

"fine, what do you want" he yelled

"clearly, you owe me money..' i spoke calmly.

"fine" he hung up.

man, i have to say, revenge feels great!


A/N : i know its short, ill be updating soon.


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