Something About You

18 year old Arielle has lost everything, her friends, her older brother Zack just died in a crash. Arielle's parents thinks its best for her to move. when Arielle moves to London, she finds that her life may be turned around, and then she meets a guy who changes her, no longer was she depressed. Arielle soon fell for him, but does he feel the same? will her parents soon realize what they done?


2. A Fresh Start

Arielle's POV

i woke up to Cece nudging my side telling me to get up for school. i groaned and got ready. once i was finished with my make up i went downstairs.

"off to school we go!" Cece shouted playfully. I always loved being with Cece, especially now, she understood and didn't tell me to get over it.

so when we arrived to North East High everyone stared at me, new kid huh?

Cece showed me around, i met some her friends. gosh they were cool.

I then saw this guy, he was handsome. Green eyes, curly hair, but he looked like a trouble maker, he was with his crew. he looked at me and smiled. i stood there with a smirk on my face.

"Arielle come on" Cece said snapping me out of whatever just happened. "okay, okay" i replied.

next thing i know we're by the guy i was staring at. "hey Good looking" he winked. wow his accent.

Cece pulled me away, "that's Harry Styles, watch out" she warned. i smiled and she gave me this weird look then chuckled.

i went to my first period just before the bell rang.

"well hello, Ms.." the teacher trailed off.

"Thomson' i replied.

"class we have a new student, welcome Arielle Thomson, im Mr. Beck" he shook my hand.

"just take a seat wherever'' Mr beck told me.

i took an empty seat near that guy i saw earlier. he smiled and whispered in my ear, "Im Harry" he smiled. "im Arielle" i said nervously. i got to work.


Harry's POV

there was a new girl today. she was gorgeous, i saw her checking me out, i mean come on its me were talking about. she was in all my classes.

i decided to talk to her, be a gentlemen, eat lunch with her. she seemed to enjoy my company. i got her number and left for the restroom, i was meeting my crew in there because this wimp owes my money.

"ah Craig, wheres my money?" i laughed

"i-i-i don't h-have it" he said cowering down

i beat the shit out of him and told him when the next due date was before i just put an end to his bullshit.

i walked out with my crew and ran into Niall. "hey old friend" i laughed

"get away from me" he snapped

i turned to see him walking away. i then bumped into Arielle.

"oh my gosh, im so sorry, i didn't mean to" she said looking at the ground, then she looked up and smiled.

"its okay babe" i said she blushed

"ooh nicknames already? your a flirt" she smiled.

"i only flirt with the gorgeous ones, and at this school, there's only you." i grinned.

as we were talking Cece dragged her away, "ill call you" i yelled.

Zayn and the rest of the crew laughed at me. "ill get her" i told them.

"Suuure" Zayn chuckled.


Hey guys what do you think so far? favorite , it'll make my day c;

ill be on updating this story, and my other stories.

"Love at first sight"


"Im in love with a stranger" go read those ones ?[x

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