Irish Cutie

Sam is Niall Horan's sister. Yes, the Niall Horan from One Direction. But what happens when the rest of the band fall for her? Will Niall except it? Or will Sam's psycho ex get in the way?


15. Chapter 9

***Sam's POV***

Just before we got to the hotel, Harry stopped. He grabbed my hands and looked me in the eyes.

"Sam, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Of course!" I winked and he chuckled.

When we got back to the hotel room, l couldn't be more ecstatic. Harry was my boyfriend!

"Hey Sam... What would you think about a midnight swim?" Harry asked.

"Heck yea! But wait... Isn't the pool closed?"

"Exactly," Harry smirked.

I went to my suitcase and pulled out my white bikini with navy blue anchors on it.

I went into the bathroom and changed. I walked out to find Harry in Navy blue swim trunks.

I didn't even realize that we would match. We probably looked like weirdos.

But do I care? Not one bit. 

We're a couple now, and that's what couples are supposed to do. 

Harry and I tiptoed down to the outdoor pool. We dropped our towels on the chairs and walked over to the pool. I closed my eyes and was getting ready to jump in when someone lifted me up from behind, bridal style and jumped into the pool with me still in their arms.

We both came up laughing and I swam over to him. We were just about to kiss when the manager busted through the door.

"You two," He pointed at us. "Out! NOW!!!" He was fuming. Harry helped me out and we grabbed our towels and ran upstairs. We got into the room, and busted out laughing. 

"I was...expecting to see...smoke blow... out of his...ears!" I said between laughs. 

"Same here," Harry laughed.

Once we settled down, we changed into our pajamas and sat on the beds to watch tv.

Then there was a knock at the door. I looked at Harry, we were both thinking the same thing.

Here comes the manager to chew us out again.

But when I opened the door, it wasn't the manager. In fact, it was the last person I expected to see.

It was John.



Hey guys... Sorry for the SUPER late update. I have been busy with school and haven't really had time to update.

So please don't kill me!

Okay... So one more favorite, AND WE HIT TRIPLE DIGITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy right now! Can we do it?

Anyways... I'll be updating 'Not the Same Kind' later, so look out for that.

That's all for today!

I'll try to update more often now.

Love you guys!

-Becka xx


I'm gonna do shout outs at the end of each chapter.

Thank you Niall Is My Superman for telling me to keep updating!

Bye guys!


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