Irish Cutie

Sam is Niall Horan's sister. Yes, the Niall Horan from One Direction. But what happens when the rest of the band fall for her? Will Niall except it? Or will Sam's psycho ex get in the way?


8. Chapter 4

***Casey's POV***

At about 3:20 a.m., I was feeling a bit hungry. (I hang out around Niall too much!)

I trudged down the stairs, still half asleep. As I was walking into the kitchen, I thought I saw movement in the living room. I decided to ignore it thinking it was my imagination. As I opened the fridge, heard a bang.

I ran into to the living room. Someone grabbed me from behind and put a knife to my throat. I screamed and Niall appeared at the stairs with Sam right behind him. 

I still didn't know who was behind me. Then all the sudden, Sam yelled "JOHN?!". Horror ran through me as he whispered in a bone chilling voice, "Hello Love."

***Sam's POV***

What the heck was John doing here?!

"JOHN?!" I screamed at him.

"Hello Love." He whispered. 

Casey's normaly rosy cheeks were now pale as tears streamed down her face. Her eyes were filled with terror and fear. I heard thumping behind me as the rest of the boys appeared. Their girlfriends were there, all except Lexi. Where was she?

Then I figured she was calling the police. 

John pressed the knife deeper into Casey's throat. A drop of blood trickled down her neck. 

She started crying even harder. 

"I suggest you stay still." John smirked at her. 

Niall and Harry had apparently had enough, because they both ran over so fast, it was a blur.

Everything that happened next, will haunt me forever. 

John saw them and then within a second, Casey was on the ground covered in blood. Harry ran over to her and picked her up and tore off a piece of his shirt. He pressed it to the slit on her neck. 

Niall was throwing punches at John. He blocked Niall's punch and kicked him in the stomach. 

Siren's could be heard outside now. Thank you Lexi! Just then, John raised the knife, and slammed it into Niall's leg. He screamed in pain, and everyone else screamed in horror. The rest of the boys ran over to John and grabbed him, restraining him.

Sara, Lexi - who was now down here- and I all ran over to Niall. The tears were streaming down my face as he was laying there motionless and pale. I pulled the knife out and held him close. The door was then busted down.

The paramedics came in and grabbed Casey and Niall and put them on 2 stretchers. 

The cops came in and grabbed John, putting him in handcuffs. I ran after the paramedics and got in the ambulance with Niall. The last thing I heard before they closed the door was John. He screamed, "I will get you Sam! And you'll love me! We'll be together. Forever and Always!"

I started crying. 3 minutes later we were at the hospital. They took Niall and Casey into the OR (Operating Room). 

I was in the waiting room with my head in my hands when the other boys arrived. 

"How are they?" Liam asked with tears in his eyes.

"I don't know. They just took them to the OR."

We were sitting in the waiting room for 4 hours until the doctor came out. 

"How are they?" I asked jumping up, nearly falling over. 

"Well... Casey is okay. Just a cut. She'll be fine. But Niall..."

"Niall's what?" I practically yelled at him. 

"Well... Niall's in a coma."



Another cliffhanger! Don't ya just love 'em?

Haha. Well anyway, DON DON DON.

That's really it today!

I don't know when I'll be updating it again. 

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