Irish Cutie

Sam is Niall Horan's sister. Yes, the Niall Horan from One Direction. But what happens when the rest of the band fall for her? Will Niall except it? Or will Sam's psycho ex get in the way?


17. Chapter 10

I screamed.

I slammed the door in his face and ran back to Harry.

"What's wrong love?" All joking was gone, he could see the pain on my face. 

"J-J-John." I barely managed a whisper.

I started shaking and crying. He ran over and locked the chains on the door. He ran over to the phone and called the police. 

"Hi, yes. I have an emergency. My girlfriends abusive ex-boyfriend just showed up. Yes. 435 Main Street, Holiday Inn Hotel. Okay. Thanks. Bye."

He hung up and walked over to the door again. He looked out the peephole. 

"Yep. It's him." He told me.

I started crying even harder. 

"Come out princess. I know your in there." I heard the muffled voice through the door. 

Harry quickly but quietly undid the chains and opened the door at lightning speed. Before John could do anything Harry slammed his fist on his face. By now I could hear the sirens outside. Blood ran down John's face as he threw his fist at Harry, but he saw it coming and dodged it. 

Harry took the chance and rammed into John's stomach throwing them both against the wall. Harry then started repeatedly punching John's face. Harry got off John and he slid to the floor. John layed motionless on the floor as the police ran in.

"Thank you, son." He told Harry. 

They grabbed John off the floor and dragged him away. 

I took Harry's hand and examined his knuckles. They was blood all over them - Some his, Some Johns - and bruised. I pulled him into the hotel room and set him down on the bed.

I walked over to the shopping bags and pulled out a first aid kit we bought, thankfully. 

I walked back to Harry and picked up his hands again.

"Thank you." I whispered

"Anything for you." He smiled.

I grabbed a wipe and pressed it against his knuckles. He flinched but relaxed as it took away the pain. I put the wipe down and picked up a band-aid. I stuck it on his knuckles and picked up an ace bandage.

I wrapped up his hand and then pulled it towards my face. I kissed it gently like my mom used to do to me. 

"My turn." He smiled.

I picked up my hand and pulled it towards his face. But right at the last second, he dropped my hand and grabbed my face.

Then, he kissed me.


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