You deserve to be happy.

After a horrible break up Nola meets Harry Styles, a cute and shy boy. Just her age. Will they fall in love or will the pain be too much for Nola.


4. Tonight.

Harry's POV:

That slithering, disgusting, plain out awful asshole! He caused so much pain in Nola's life and he continues to torment her! She's my girl and I will fight to protect her! No matter what would happen! The bastard got a few good hits on me, but he would definitely need stitches!

It made me wonder though.. Did he tease her everyday, and she didn't tell me? Did she not want to tell me? Was it because I got angry so easily? Or did she just not want to tell me.

I felt my anger and distrust building up, and I was glad when I finally turned into my driveway and I could talk to her about everything. She had been silent the whole way here, which was unlike her.

We walked up to my porch in silent and I unlocked the door. My parents weren't home, or they were sleeping. I didn't really care though. I walked up to my room and listened to her delicate foot steps follow me.

"I'll get the first aid kit." She said nervously and walked to the bathroom. I sat on my bed and felt my face. It was definitely bloody. I winced softly at the pain and felt relief when Nola was back. She sat on my lap gently and whispered, "Stay still."

She softly cleaned my cuts and scratches silently. I was still really angry, and I knew she knew. I watched her quietly.

"Penny for your thoughts?" She whispered, wiping neosporian on nose and the skin under my lip.

"Does he bug you alot?" She finished what she was doing then pulled away from me, while still sitting on my lap and arched a brow. "I mean, like at school? Does he text you?"

She looked down, a grimace on her face. "He calls me names and junk when we pass in the halls with that girl. And he hasn't texted me or anything." She looked like she had been holding it back for so long, and the way she said, 'that girl' made me sense jealousy.

"Are you.. still jealous? Or do you still have feelings for Jasper?" My jealousy was peaking, and I felt myself getting angry. She stood up and turned away from me.

"Harry can we just, not talk about this?" She groaned.

"So you do still have feelings?" I narrowed my eyes at her. "I thought you had feelings for me?"

She turned around. "I do Harry. I do." Her expression was soft and angelic. It was hard to be mad at a girl who was so beautiful, but I allowed it. "I do have feelings for you Harry. It's just hard. I was with him for almost a year. It heard me alot when he left. But now, I'm with you. And you're all I want." She kissed my nose. "You're everything I want."

"But you still have feelings for him?" I whimpered.

"Oh no. No no no no." She shook her head. "Not at all." She grinned. "I have feelings for you. There's just some tender spots still, and it's hard. When you're constantly reminded." I nodded at her.

She walked back over to me and sat on my lap softly. I grinned, running my hand down her lower back, kissing her neck sweetly.

I suddenly wondered if tonight would be the night.


Sorry it's short. Next one will be.. exciting ;)

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