You deserve to be happy.

After a horrible break up Nola meets Harry Styles, a cute and shy boy. Just her age. Will they fall in love or will the pain be too much for Nola.


3. FootBall Game.

Nola's POV:

Dear Diary,

It's been awhile hasn't it? Well turns out Harry had feelings for me all along. I feel like I should have known. Haha. He pointed out all the things he did for me that a normal friend wouldn't. Especially the mango passion drinks he always brought me. Him and I have been together for two months, and I couldn't be happier. It felt like hanging out with my bestfriend, except for his kisses of course. Soon he's gonna introduce me to his family! But tonight we're going to a football at my school. And he just got here! Time for burgers!

Love Nolaaa~

Harry's POV:

I walked through her small house, waved at her mom, and opened the door to her room. She looked great, like usual. She had a some blue jeans and a tee on. I was wearing a football jersey that spelled TRACEN on the back, which is Nola's last name. I handed her the one I had in my hand. On the back of that jersey it spelt STYLES.

"I got you this." I grinned. Her eyes lit up as she hugged me tightly.

She pulled her tee off and my mouth dropped. She looked at me shocked. "Don't Look!" She giggled. She pulled it on quickly and smiled at me. "That was very sweet of you babe." She whispered in my ear.

"Gotta let people know your my girl. Now let's go." And we headed out.


We arrived early to the game, even after taking a century to eat our burgers. We took seats in the nearly empty bleachers and she slid her hand into mind and we waited. Soon a male and what I presumed was his date and sat right next to Nola. Her whole body tensed.

"So. You replaced me with this curly fry?" The guy had obviously been drinking, you could smell the beer on him. "He's not have the man I am Nola."

The female that was his date got up. "Jasper. Stop. I'm gonna go get drinks." She said and began walking to the concessions stand.

"Good. Didn't want that bitch over here anyways. She's not as pretty as you Nolaaaa." He grinned drunkenly, and leaned close to Nola. I felt jealousy and anger built up. Her exe was flirting with her!

"Get away Jasper." She hissed.

"It's a free country." He said. "Do something about it." He egged her on.

I stood quickly. "Back off."

He looked at me, "Do something about it curly fry." He grinned, "Go ahead." He stood with me. "You probably punch like a bitch."

It was time for him to find out.

Nola's POV:

It all happened in a flash. Harry was on top of Jasper punching his face, Jasper got a few hits here and there. In seconds Jaspers face was bloodied and begining to swell.

"Harry! Enough!" I shouted. Harry's nose, lip and forehead were bloodied, but Jasper was much worse. Harry stood and nodded at me, motioning for us to leave. I nodded back and we headed to his truck quickly.

He was still angry and I could sense it, but now wasn't the time to talk about it. I needed to get him home, and get him cleaned up.

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