You Never Change (sequel to "secret admirer")

This is the sequel to secret admirer. You have to read that first to understand this one. Ifnyou already read secret admirer then you must be waiting to hear what the news is that Daniella has to tell Niall. You almost might want to know who Jasmine's secret admirer is.


13. the party

Jazz's P.O.V (Lila's sister)

I stood next to Harry and I watched as Daniella went to Niall and as Sharon went to Zayn. I envy them. I mean they look so happy together and they are models and popstars and they are so lucky. Then I heard the doorbell ring and I opened it and I saw Eleanor!!! "Hi" I said and hugged her. "Hey." She said. I met Eleanor a long time ago I when her and Lila were hanging out. I also met Danielle Peazer but since Liam and Danielle broke up we don't really talk about her. "Come on in, El" I said. Eleanor came inside and I closed the door and she asked me " so how are you and Niall?" "What do you mean?" I asked, "aren't you and Niall dating?" She asked confused. "No. Daniella is still dating him" I stated. Her mouth went in to an "o" shape. "Ya" I said. "Well anyways I am going to find Louis" she said. I was about to walk back to Harry when I saw him with a girl. She was blonde and she was really pretty. She was wearing this:

 She was pretty but the way she dressed made her look like a stripper. I walked over to them. "Hey Harry. Who's this?" I asked. "This is my girlfriend Miriam but I call her Miri. Miri this is Jasmine a.k.a Jazz, Lila's sister" harry said. "OMG!!!! May I just ask if you're a model?" Miriam said. "I'm not" I said. " really? Wow. You're just so pretty. You could be a model one day." She said. "Thanks. Well I should probably go uh.. Mingle" I said. I walked away until I saw Lila, Louis, and Eleanor. "Hey guys." I said. "Hey" they all answered. "What's up?" I asked. "We're just having a little chat about how me and you are about to leave" Lila said. "Why?" I asked. "Long story now come on!!" She said pulling me out of the house. "What happened?" I asked. "What happened us that Eleanor is here and apparently her and Louis are dating." She answered. "But aren't you and Louis dating?" I asked, "yeah but not anymore" she said. 

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