You Never Change (sequel to "secret admirer")

This is the sequel to secret admirer. You have to read that first to understand this one. Ifnyou already read secret admirer then you must be waiting to hear what the news is that Daniella has to tell Niall. You almost might want to know who Jasmine's secret admirer is.


16. R.I.P

hey guys. Sport if you thought this was a chapter I just think we should take a moment of silence. 42 people committed suicide because of hate. They got hate because of being a Larry shipper. They all committed suicide on practically the same day because yesterday there was a broadcast on channel 4 on the show "crazy about one direction" and the broadcast was about the Larry shippers. If you know any of the names then leave it in the comments so I can take a moment of silence for. Pray. That's all I have to say; pray. Why? Pray for the families of those 42 people. That's 42 nieces, aunts, uncles, nephews, cousins, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, friends, neighbors, and even people you don't know. Even people you hate, pray for them and their families. Put all the hatred aside. But don't worry, one person does and another is born.  The channel 4 documentary made directioners look like psychos. Directioners are normal and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. To channel 4: #thisisnotus. Liam was true only one that stood up for us.. Thank Liam. 

Liam Payne tweeted to his followers today: "Not really sure what's going on right now I just hope everyone's ok. Hearing some horrible things... Really hope this isn't true."

He added: "Just so all of you know we love you guys and we know how dedicated you are and tbh we can't believe it that you guys spend all your time on us.

"We couldn't give a f**k what any documentary says. They're dramatised for entertainment and full of bulls**t anyway. We all know how hard you work for us and see it everyday at our shows.

"Let's all take a step back and think about what we/you have all achieved. You should be proud" 

Liam is a true hero..

XOXO- Daniella <3. 


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