You Never Change (sequel to "secret admirer")

This is the sequel to secret admirer. You have to read that first to understand this one. Ifnyou already read secret admirer then you must be waiting to hear what the news is that Daniella has to tell Niall. You almost might want to know who Jasmine's secret admirer is.


4. ouch

Jazzy's P.O.V

"NO Lila! It's noone its probably just a joke that Becca played on me. No one likes me!" I yelled and ran to the park. Then it hit me. Litteraly- a baseball or I don't know some kind of ball hit me and then everything went black....

Lila's P.O.V

After jazzy ran off everyone gathered at the boys' house. Then the phone rang. "Hello?" I said. "Hello. There is this girl and she is unconscious and you were one of her emergency contacts so I called you." A voice said.

"Oh my god. Thanks for calling me. Can you stay next to her and where are you?" I asked. "The park." The voice answered. "Okay. Stay there. I will be there in 2 minutes. Bye" I said and hung up. "Guys I have to go to the park and don't ask why. Lou come with me." I said and walked out the door. We drove to the park. I saw jazzy on the floor next to a girl. The girl was trying to wake up jazzy. I ran too her. "Thank you so much. What's your name?" I said. "Your welcome and its Catherine but my friends call me Cat. Your Lila, right?" The girl said. "Ya. How'd you know?" I asked. "Well for on thing you were her emergency contact and it said your name and also you are dating Louis Tomlinson so everyone knows your name." Cat explained. "Oh. Right. Louis text the guys and girls to meet us by the hospital" I said. He nodded and texted them. "Well thanks Cat. You seem not so psycho as a fan so here let's hang out sometime" I said and handed her my number. She nodded and me and Lou drove to the hospital. 

**at the hospital **

They told us that she is in a coma but she should wake up soon and she'll be okay. They got her a hospital room and we had to go I. One by one. I went in first, then Louis after me, then Liam, then Zayn and Sharon, then harry and Miriam, then Daniella, then Niall. I wondered why they went in  separately and lately they haven't been talking to each other or other people a lot. "Well why don't we go to the guys house and watch a movie." I suggested. "We will meet later I have something to do." Sharon said. "Yeah me too" Miriam. Daniella just nodded. "Okay. See you later." Zayn said and kissed Sharon. "Ya. See you." Harry said and kissed Miriam. But Daniella just walked away. "I'll be right back" I said and ran after Daniella. "Hey! Why are you so upset? What happened with you and Niall?" I asked her once I caught up to her. " you really want to know?" She asked me. I nodded. "Well- "


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