You Never Change (sequel to "secret admirer")

This is the sequel to secret admirer. You have to read that first to understand this one. Ifnyou already read secret admirer then you must be waiting to hear what the news is that Daniella has to tell Niall. You almost might want to know who Jasmine's secret admirer is.


3. i know

Jazzy's P.O.V

"Jazzy, I know who it is!'' Lila yelled, "what are you talking about?" I asked her. "I know who your secret admirer is. Its definitely one of the boys. I narrowed it down to two choices, its either Liam or Louis." She explained. "What?!?! Why would you think that?" I yelled at her, "think about it jazzy. It could be Liam because a) when you mentioned the note all he did was walk away. B) he broke up with his girlfriend and c) you dated but he might still have feelings for you. Or it could be Louis because he said that the guy could be closer then you think." She said. "Lila! Louis and you are dating and spend every minute together. When could he have put the note in my locker?" I asked her. "Good point. Then its liam!" She said. "Its not liam!" I yelled. "Then its-" she started but I cut her off "no Lila! Its no one its probably a joke that Becca played on me. No one likes me!" I yelled and ran to the park. Then it hit me- 

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