You Never Change (sequel to "secret admirer")

This is the sequel to secret admirer. You have to read that first to understand this one. Ifnyou already read secret admirer then you must be waiting to hear what the news is that Daniella has to tell Niall. You almost might want to know who Jasmine's secret admirer is.


7. Holy Shit!!!!

Lila's P.O.V

"well Daniella is..."

"She's what Niall? Just say it already!!" I yelled at him.

"She's pregnant" he said.

"What?'' I asked shocked.

"She s pregnant." He said sadly.

"That great. But why are you so sad?" I asked

"Because she isn't pregnant with my kid." He said

"Then who's kid is she pregnant with?"

"She is pregnant with Harry's kid." 

" what?!? How?!?" I practically yelled.

"I think you know how." He said

"Ya but I just don't understand when." I said

"Me neither. Look I came here to ask you if I can get Jazzy. So can I?"he asked.

''Ya." I said. "Thanks. I will be back soon" he said. Now that he is gone I need to go yell at Daniella. I walked into my house and holy shit!!! Daniella was...

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