Zayn's Unallowed Princess

Zayn has always been the mysterious one in the band. There has never been a moment when every 'Directioner' has wondered more about Zayn. There's always a secret with Zayn, never a dull moment. When Zayn's mum decides to adopt a girl, who is 16, Zayn never thought he would fall in love with her.

November never thought that she would be adopted by a famous family, in fact, she never thought it would have been a member of One Direction. It's her favourite band, and her favourite member was her now elder brother. She starts to get mixed feelings for him, feelings that she has never experienced in her 16 years of living.

They don't know what to do. What happens when they have an accidental kiss? Find out in 'Zayn's Unallowed Princess'


6. Zayn? -November's P.O.V

     When Zayn kissed me a week ago at the beach, I was surprised. It wasn't that I didn't like him, not at all. I loved him with all my heart, more than a little adopted sister should. I just doubt that he'll like me back, that's why I was surprised. 

     Zayn's hinted that he loved me, many times. I just took it as his way of welcoming me, and being a player he is, or accused to be. After living with him for two months, what was rumoured about him, I discovered was false. Still, I thought that the flirting was a facade. 

     When One Direction first started two years ago, when I was fourteen, I was obsessed with Zayn. He was my favourite member. I never thought that I'd actually meet him, and I remember talking to my best friend, telling her how I would if I did. 

      I was taping up another poster of Zayn on my assignment notebook, smiling to myself. 

     "If I ever met Zayn, I'd attack him with a hug first." I told my friend, Katie. 

     Katie  had laughed at my obsession with Zayn. She thought it was completely hilarious, in fact, she thought the obsession was an adolescent thing that would go away within a week. She was wrong though.  It continued for two years, which is the whole time the band has been together. The obsession grew larger, until I saw Zayn the day I got adopted. That's when I stopped liking him so much because I knew he'd be my adopted brother. 

     Though, I wanted the love to subside, it never did. I do love Zayn, a lot. The feelings never will, and I can tell you that right now. It should, the feelings, but it won't. I've tried not to make it obvious to Zayn, though he's very observant, but it has happened.  He has asked about it before, but I denied it. He might be my fake boyfriend, thank god, but I refuse to tell him. 


     Zayn thought it'd be a good idea to go out on another date, to make our relationship seem more real. He said, and I quote, "Wear something sexy." We're fake dating, why would he want me to wear something sexy? I know he loves me, he confessed it. Does he think a dinner or whatever he has planned with make me want to confess my love? 

     Whatever he wanted from me wouldn't work. I was playing hard to get, and that was that. It was a tactic I had learned from my mother before she died, and planned to use that tactic whenever I had the chance. It's not like you always get the chance when you're usually inside the house on Tumblr, or Twitter, receiving hate. 

     Either way, that ended up with me in a silk black dress, paired with black heels. My hair was wrapped tightly in a bun, with my makeup being my infamous natural. I wasn't going to try too hard, I didn't want him to think I wanted to go and that I didn't want to go. I wanted him to have that neutral effect. 

     Zayn was down the stairs waiting for me in a black tux, which is a bit formal, wouldn't you say? His arms wrapped around my waist as he lightly kissed my neck, a little bit too affectionate at home now. 

     "You look gorgeous, you know that?" He mumbled into my neck, beginning to suck on my neck. 

     I bit my lip to keep back from moaning, he wouldn't have the pleasure of making me moan. 

     "Z-Zayn, not n-now." I tried to suppress the moan, but that didn't work.

     He pulled away from my neck, a giant smirk on his face. "I will tell you what I want at the dinner, babe." 

     I'm scared to know this... help?



OMG, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING GUYS! I am very, VERY sorry about not typing this earlier. I had to go with my mom to the hospital! I have to help my mom more often now, so I don't know when I can make the next chapter. BUT THANKS FOR READING C:


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