Zayn's Unallowed Princess

Zayn has always been the mysterious one in the band. There has never been a moment when every 'Directioner' has wondered more about Zayn. There's always a secret with Zayn, never a dull moment. When Zayn's mum decides to adopt a girl, who is 16, Zayn never thought he would fall in love with her.

November never thought that she would be adopted by a famous family, in fact, she never thought it would have been a member of One Direction. It's her favourite band, and her favourite member was her now elder brother. She starts to get mixed feelings for him, feelings that she has never experienced in her 16 years of living.

They don't know what to do. What happens when they have an accidental kiss? Find out in 'Zayn's Unallowed Princess'


3. The Accedential Kiss -Zayn's P.O.V

     I was beyond angered with myself. I had almost hit November. Her sarcastic cocky attitude pissed me off. I wasn't usually the one to hit woman, in fact, I was against it. November is changing me, good and bad ways. Wanting to hit a girl being bad, but figuring out love is limitless in a good way. That girl... she has me confused. 

     I looked over at her from afar, as in from my new bed. She was curled in a ball, sleeping. She looked... November looked peaceful. November looked as if she was in a happy land that wasn't filled with harsh, cruel bastards like myself. 

     November's hair was fanned around her as she began to stir. I heard murmur's coming from her. It was as if November was having a nightmare, which I'm sure she was. I remember when Safaa was younger, she'd do the same thing when she was having a nightmare. Of course, I shouldn't be comparing her to my younger sibling, that's mean. 

     My new-found sister was the kind of girl I'd date, though she's innocent in every way. I know. Ew, she's your sister. Well, fuck off. She's adopted, and she's definitely different. Her blond hair, blue eyes, their different to me. They are different than Perrie, they are different from Rebecca. They are... November. It's unique, same as her. 

     I quickly answered my phone as it rang, not wanting to wake up November. Who knows what she would do if I had awoken her from her nap? 

     "Oi! Mate, you finally decided to pick of your phone!" Niall's Irish accent was easily deciphered. It was strong and very hard to understand. Though, being with the lad 24/7, you learn to understand what the loon is saying. 

    "Sorry, I've been," I paused, I can't exactly tell him I've been stalking my sister, "busy. Yeah... busy." 

     "Well, for Pete sakes, we have an interview tomorrow!" 

     I bit my lip as I looked at November again, they'd ask about her in a heartbeat. They'll mistake her for my girlfriend, which I don't mind -but they don't know Perrie and I broke up. That means Perrie is attending the interview and we must act like we're together until management approves of our breakup. Management controls everything I tell you. 

     "Oh yeah, damn. I forgot about that. Erm, I will be over there at 7:00." I responded to the Irish lad. I didn't know what time it started, but we usually had to be there at that time anyway. 

     "Okay! Bye Zayn!" Niall was too cheery, I tell you. He was happy about everything. It sometimes disgusted me. 

     "Could have talked a wee bit quieter." I heard a small voice say. I looked over at November as she stretched, yawning. 

     I rolled my eyes at her. I got to keep up the cocky attitude. It might get something out of her. 

     "You're such an ignorant bastard." She said, sitting up in her bed. I have had enough of that. 

     "Why don't you learn to shut the fuck up?!" I was standing by now, my hands on my hips. Harry was rubbing off on me.

     She stood up, looking up at me. "Why don't you?! If you would have never said, 'I hate her' when you never knew me, this shit would not have happened." 

     I don't know what had gotten into me, all I know is, I was leaning down. I don't know why either. I don't even think I'm sane anymore, but I kissed her. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. It wasn't a sibling kiss either, I was snogging with my little sister. She might be adopted, but this is wrong. What made it worse, she started kissing back. 

     November's arms were around my neck as I picked her up, my arms around her waist. She was a tiny little thing, and I was too lazy to bend down. As soon as I did that, she pulled away. I don't know if it was from the spark, because I sure as hell felt it, or from the fact we're siblings and kissing. 

     "Zayn, oh my god. This is-" She stopped talking mid-sentence. She shook her head and ran out the door. 

     I never got to tell her that I love her. 


Author's Note:


Thank you for reading, though it's probably very badly written. It's fucking four in the morning and I am writing this. I really should be sleeping. Well, anyway. I will be updating later today, hopefully. It'll be better, and this chapter is dedicated to ALL OF MY FANS. If it wasn't without you guys, this story would be shit fuck! 


Thank you for readingc: 



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