Zayn's Unallowed Princess

Zayn has always been the mysterious one in the band. There has never been a moment when every 'Directioner' has wondered more about Zayn. There's always a secret with Zayn, never a dull moment. When Zayn's mum decides to adopt a girl, who is 16, Zayn never thought he would fall in love with her.

November never thought that she would be adopted by a famous family, in fact, she never thought it would have been a member of One Direction. It's her favourite band, and her favourite member was her now elder brother. She starts to get mixed feelings for him, feelings that she has never experienced in her 16 years of living.

They don't know what to do. What happens when they have an accidental kiss? Find out in 'Zayn's Unallowed Princess'


4. Rocking Feelings -November's P.O.V

     My mind was a mess. It was clouded, and couldn't decipher anything. There was only one thought in my head, and that single thought was boggling. My brother, Zayn Malik, kissed me. I know how wrong it is to even develop a crush on him, but to let him kiss me? It must have been beyond laws. 

     Zayn was 19, I'm 16. There's one law broken, though we're not dating. He's my brother, I'm his sister. Isn't there a low against that? Anyway, his romantic interest should be someone within his age group, a year below him, or at least two years above him. Not three years below him, like myself. 

     The fact of the matter, I kissed him back. It bugged me to the extent where I punched the wall. It wasn't the best idea, giving I am a weakling, but it got out some of the anger I felt toward him currently. I could mumble as I pleased about it, as he left for an interview, but I couldn't rage and scream. Mum, Safaa and Waliya would soon find out, if I was screaming. That's something we don't need, especially because Zayn and I share a room. 

     I tried to do some art, to get  my mind off of the kiss. I knew what I wanted to draw. I wanted to draw a sunset, something that always usually  calmed me down. Instead, I felt my hand drawing a face. I looked down to discovering I was trying to draw Zayn. I closed my eyes tightly, throwing the drawing at a random spot. Stop thinking about Zayn Javadd Malik, November.

     I ran down the stairs, grabbing my iPod from the table. I thought about playing music to calm myself, make myself forget him. 

     "Hey, how ya doin'? Sorry you can't get through. Why don't you leave your name and your number, and we'll get back to you." I sang along to the lyrics as I plugged my iPod in the dock. I grabbed my hairbrush, singing the lyrics into the hairbrush as I danced around my room. It was immature, but hella fun. 

     "Never gettin' back to you." I finished as I heard a chuckle. I looked over at Zayn, chuckling to himself at the doorway. I blushed because to my dismay, I was only in my knickers. 

     I blushed as I attempted to push him out of the doorway. He chuckled and stayed where he was. 

     "You're quite fit, November." He noted, looking up and down my body. My cheeks heated up more. I did not need my brother checking me out. 

     "And you're annoying and need to get out!" I yelled at him, huffing. 

     "Shouldn't I be able to see your body? You are my sister." He pointed out, staring at me. My blush was getting redder and redder as he said those words.

     "No! OUT!" I shouted. 

     He chuckled, "Why? You're a great singer, November." 

     I had enough. I pushed Zayn out, kicking his balls in the process. Hey, you don't piss me off. I got a temper. Zayn groaned as he practically fell to the ground. I smirked, closing the door. I had to quickly get dressed before Zayn got up and got back in. I quickly grabbed my shirt, which to my dismay, was One Direction. I groaned, and quickly put on my skirt. I rummaged through my stuff as quickly as I could, trying to find a different shirt that matched my shirt. There was none. 

     Before I could look through Zayn's drawers, I heard the door open. I groaned again, he shouldn't see my  shirt. I felt arms wrap around me, which scared me and brought chills to my spine. 

     "I wonder what your body looks like without the knickers." Zayn whispered seductively in my ear. His voice brought chills to my spine, made the hair at the end of my neck raise. It was low and sexy. 

     Was I really gaining feelings for my 19 year old brother?



THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS C: It's an honour for all you people to actually like this, it makes me so happy. I never thought this story would get one read. I thought people would think it's nasty, but you guys think it's interesting! THANK YOU SO MUCH. There is no amount of thank you's for how much I am thankful. I might end up updating later, if I can't sleep. (Which probably will happen) so look out! 


I am going to try to make these longer, because in my opinion, these are quite short. Anywhooo, thank you again for reading. 


I want to make a shoutout to horan_girl for letting me start the story in the first place. Thanks girlllll! 



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