Zayn's Unallowed Princess

Zayn has always been the mysterious one in the band. There has never been a moment when every 'Directioner' has wondered more about Zayn. There's always a secret with Zayn, never a dull moment. When Zayn's mum decides to adopt a girl, who is 16, Zayn never thought he would fall in love with her.

November never thought that she would be adopted by a famous family, in fact, she never thought it would have been a member of One Direction. It's her favourite band, and her favourite member was her now elder brother. She starts to get mixed feelings for him, feelings that she has never experienced in her 16 years of living.

They don't know what to do. What happens when they have an accidental kiss? Find out in 'Zayn's Unallowed Princess'


7. "I love you, November." -Zayn's P.O.V

     November's eyes widened, her breathing increasing slightly. It wasn't any surprise to me that she had this reaction when I attempted to give her a love bit -I knew that she liked it, just like any other girl would. She was a teenage girl, with teenage girl hormones; She loves it, and there is no way that she could deny it. 

     "Z-Zayn, please." She attempted to back away, as if I was attempting to rape her. She'd be good in bed, no doubt, but I am a gentleman; I would never dare rape someone as gorgeous as November. I would ask her for sex, ask if she wanted to make love to me; not force her to do something that she hadn't wanted to do. 

     I grunted as I removed my lips from her neck. She had soft creamy skin that I adored being in contact with. I adored the way her body fit directly next to mine; how her height was puny compared to mine, but it still looked so right. 

     "Tha-thank you." November whispered, forcing her way out of my grip. 

     It was unusual to see November so weak, so frail. She was usually strong, and witty; nevertheless, I knew something was wrong. Either I was too forward, pushing her to the extent that she feels I will hurt her or it was her past bothering her. 

     It bothered me that I knew nothing of her past, and we were going off in a fake relationship, which my mother hadn't approved of. I should know something of her past, something of her mother or father, so I can at least know her better. 

     If November and I ever went into a relationship, I wouldn't want to know nothing about her past when she knows a fuck-ton about me. Even if what's fair isn't equal, I want to know something about my faux-girlfriend. 

     "Are you ready, November?" I questioned her, pulling her close to me. I loved the warmth that spread from her body to mine. I felt calmer when she was around, her body heat transferring to my already heated body. 

     "Yeah..." She seemed distant now, almost like when I first met her. When I made the assumption that she was a prick, a bitch... 

     I walked her to the car, opening the car door for her. I wanted her to feel like a princess, or someone up in the higher monarchy. I wanted her to feel special, at least. 

     "Thank you, Zayn." November whispered. 

     November's act of being distant was pissing me off, to the highest extent possible -if that even is possible. 

     "What the fuck is wrong?" I said, turning the radio down as I began to drive a wee bit faster. 

     "I don't know what you're talking about." November snapped, turning her head toward me. 

     I halted the car at the stop light, turning my head to face her. "You're being highly distant, and it's pissing me off. I wanted you to feel special tonight, not be distant as fuck with me." 

     "If you wouldn't had gone right up and gave me a fucking love bite, maybe I wouldn't be as shy, or in your terminology, distant." Her words dripped with venom, echoing in the car. 

     I continued to drive, ignoring her now. I hated when she spoke to me like that; I just want her to be nice to me, the way I try to be nice to her. I don't want the confusion, the fighting. It's like this relationship, whatever the hell it is, is constantly on PMS. 

     "What's the point of trying, November?" I asked her randomly. I heard a light gasp. 

     "I don't know what you're talking about, Zayn. It isn't even a real relationship." The words hurt tremendously. I wanted it to be real, I wanted a real relationship with November, even if that involved getting the law involved. 

     "You don't get it, do you November?" I halted at another stop like as I spoke, looking back at her. I took in her features, knowing that she'd be angered at my next words, and possibly run out of the vehicle. 

     "No, I fucking don't. You're bipolar as hell, you're an egotistical jerk who only cares about your own feelings, and I fucking hate you!" Again, the words stung as I barely spoken to her over the course of the time she's been around. 

     "Well you want to know something November?" I looked at her one final time as I spoke out the words, "I love you, November."

     I felt her hand come in contact with my face, a hard slap being what I got. It's what I deserved. I yelled at her in the car, and then told her I loved her; not only is this the second time I've said it, but I was provoked by anger, and only made things worse. I do love her, no doubt, but it wasn't the right time for November to hear the words. 

     "You're a fucking liar, Zayn. Choke on your own  words, you'd be doing more than me a favour." She unbuckled her seat belt,  opening the car door. 

     I quickly unbuckled, getting out of my car as fast as possible. She wasn't a dumb girl, I know she knows to take off her heels and run out of here. 

     "November! Wait!" I ran after her running figure, leaving my car behind. I had enough money to buy a new one, and anyway... I cared about November more than I cared about a god damn car. 

     November sprinted faster, turning a corner into an alleyway. I followed her, looking around in the dark place to find the girl I adored. 

     "Get away, Zayn! I don't want you, okay!! I hate you, I don't like you! You're a dick, you're conceded! No one has ever liked you, they pretend to! Your own band mates hate you, I bet! All you do is worry about yourself, you never worry about anyone else!" Her words stung horribly. 

Do my band mates really hate me? 

Of course they do, idiot. You only care about yourself now a days. 

     I walked closer to her, pushing her against the wall of the brick building. I was invading her space, but I felt that she deserved this at least. 

     "I love you, November." I whispered, my breathe mixing with hers. I looked into her eyes, licking my lips in anticipation. 

     "Fuck off, Zayn." I felt her knee come in contact with my crotch, sending me down to the ground in pain. I groaned. 

     You are truly an idiot, Malik, to think someone like November would actually like you. She truly hates you now, Malik; you messed this shit up, and it's going to take a lot to patch it up. 


I felt like I really needed to update this because I NEVER UPDATE THIS STORY ANYMORE! I am so sorry, and like i said in my mumble, depression is kicking my ass. It's making it hard to focus in school, and in my everyday life; so with that, I am so deeply sorry about slow as hell updates. 

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*Song inspiration for this chapter is Break My Heart from the movie Spectacular!*

Question of the Update; Do you think November and Zayn would be a cute couple? If so, explain why you think Nayn is a cute couple. If not, explain your reasoning behind why you believe they are not. 


Copyright LeaPayne 2013

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