Zayn's Unallowed Princess

Zayn has always been the mysterious one in the band. There has never been a moment when every 'Directioner' has wondered more about Zayn. There's always a secret with Zayn, never a dull moment. When Zayn's mum decides to adopt a girl, who is 16, Zayn never thought he would fall in love with her.

November never thought that she would be adopted by a famous family, in fact, she never thought it would have been a member of One Direction. It's her favourite band, and her favourite member was her now elder brother. She starts to get mixed feelings for him, feelings that she has never experienced in her 16 years of living.

They don't know what to do. What happens when they have an accidental kiss? Find out in 'Zayn's Unallowed Princess'


5. Fake Relationship -Zayn's P.O.V

     As weeks went by, my feelings for my sister were getting larger and larger. It didn't help that she was such a fucking flirt. One day she'd act like she hates me and the next she'd be flirting. She's such a damn tease -but it's hot

     It's not normal, for God sake. I'm a 19 year old male, who happens to be famous, in love with a 16 year old female, who happens to be my adopted sister. It's illogical, right? Or is it wrong? It's problematic! The fans will go insane if they find out that I like her. It's not like I hinted in it an interview. Okay maybe I did. Here's what happened: 

     The interviewer asked, "Is anyone here in a relationship?" Louis raised his hand, as he's the only one in a relationship. The interviewer, though, turned to me. 

     "Zayn, what happened with Perrie?" She asked me.

     I bit my lip. I wasn't one to talk about my past relationships, especially with someone I had loved so much, though my love for November had risen above Perrie. 

     "I'd rather not talk about it." I whispered, looking at Niall. He was the only one who knew that I liked November. 

     "Do you have any romantic interest for anyone at the moment?" I had not planned on that question being asked, and as a celebrity, you apparently must have a romantic interest. I had no clue what to say! 

     "HE LOVES HIS ADOPTED SISTER!" Niall manage to blurt out. My eyes had gone wide and I slapped him for it. 

     This is where it comes in that November is problematic. The interviewer had asked me about her, and I answered as truthfully as I could. I mean, I couldn't just blurt out that she's hot. Though, I might have said that we were dating. 

     It didn't go on well with her, at all. November was beyond pissed, she was fuming. She even punched me a couple of times, and let me tell you, she is fucking strong for being skinny as fuck. I mean, she's fit and all, but I didn't think she had that good of an arm. I thought wrong. 


     I was struggling to get free of her grasp. I had also called management about this, and they suggested that she be my 'fake girlfriend.' As in, November pretends to be my girlfriend in public, and goes on tour with us. Stuff like that. They want everyone to think that her and I are really in a relationship, which I don't exactly mind. The only thing that bothers me is that she will get hate, and I can tell by looking at her, she's delicate. The hate will get to her, I don't want anything bad to happen to her. Though, I have not told her this detail yet. 

     "November," I whispered, "You have to be my fake girlfriend." I was thinking, 'Hey, why not tell her when she's already pissed?' Well, now I know why. 


     I didn't want to tell her exactly how much it hurt that she didn't like the idea of being my girlfriend, though it's fake. Like I said, I had grown to truly love her. She's all that I can think about anymore. My mind is always clouded up with the thought of her. She's just so perfect, so amazing. She's distracting me from my work, and honestly, I don't care.

     November... she's just something that I can't get out of my head. She's more the a crush, definitely. I was ecstatic when I found out I'd be fake dating her, because I knew I'd have to hold her hand, take her out to social events, kiss her. I'd have to act like a real boyfriend to her. I think it's something I'd like to do on a regular basis for real, not just for Modest! management. 

     To November, this will probably only be a thing for Modest! management. To her, the kisses will mean nothing, probably. She probably will overlook when I say, "I love you, November." She probably won't think I mean these things, when I truly honestly do. It'll break my heart to no end, but as long as she's happyish, I will be happyish. 


     Today, is my first outing with November as my fake girlfriend. She hated the idea, in fact, she punched my gut because of it. We were going to go on a classic picnic on the beach. I thought it'd be romantic, and I thought I'd spill my feelings for her. Though, it'll stay a fake relationship for awhile, might as well spill. 

     "Hurry up, November!" I called up the stairs, tapping my foot on the ground. I didn't understand why she is taking so long, all she needs to do is wear a sundress. In fact, she's gorgeous in anything. 

     I smiled to myself as I heard her steps down the stairs. I could see the half ballet slippers with flowers on them that I bought her. Soon, I saw that she was wearing a floral sundress to pair it, and than I saw her. Her platinum blond hair was wrapped tightly in a fishtail braid, along with natural makeup. She looked absolutely gorgeous. 

     I wrapped my arms around her waist, bringing her close.

     "You look gorgeous." I whispered in her ear. I heard her giggle. 

     "Thank you, Mr. Malik." She replied, untangling herself from my grasp. I hated that she hated the idea of fake dating. 

     The car ride was filled with us singing along to One Direction. She refused to let herself or myself sing for my own solo, saying, "I want to hear the difference between your voice without being messed with, and being messed with." I had to hide my blush, which I do occasionally around her. 

     When we got to the beach, she took off her shoes and dashed into the sand. I admired her openness to the area. I would not have been able to do that at her age, in fact, I was scared to dance on live T.V., how could I just run along the beach? 

     "Lets put the blanket here?" She suggested as I came down beside her. I smiled.

     "Sure, yeah." I laid the blanket down, setting the food down on it. I had packed chocolate covered strawberries, peanut butter sandwiches, and some water. I didn't know what else to pack. 

     She smiled at the food options, "Chocolate covered strawberries are my favourite." 

     I mentally awarded myself. I figured she'd like it... a lot. I took a hold of one, "Look at me, babe."

     November looked at me as I threw a strawberry at her. She gasped, grabbing a peanut butter sandwich. I screamed as she threw it at me. We ended up in a food battle. I grabbed her by the waist, holding her close to myself. I stared into her eyes as I felt myself leaning in. My lips lightly grazed her as we kissed. I think this was the perfect way to end my night. 




Author's Note: 


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AMOUNT OF READS I HAVEEE! I LOVE YOU ALL!! I just love one person more,  but we don't need to go on that subject. You know who you are <3 




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