In this fanfic, the last of the TimeLords escape their planet, that will not be named, to Earth to live normal teenage and adult lives. Along the way they find accidental love that get into danger and forces them to unleash their TimeLord knowledge and "power". Read to find out about how they find love and their battles with the Daleks and other alien creatures.


5. Chapter 5

Rachel's POV

Is she alright? What happened to her? How long till she wakes up? That stupid hand. I knew I should've never let her have it. I hope she'll be alright. That was brave what you did Niall.

These voices danced in my head as I struggled to open my eyes and adjust them to the bright light of the... hospital room?

She's waking up. Shhh, we don't wanna startle her!

 "What the...." I said trying to shake off my light headedness.

"Your in a hospital, the hand kind of... tried to strangle you and poke out your eyes. Or something like that." Harry said. I noticed his arm around Anne's waist while she stared up at him all lovey dovey. Blech!

"Yeah, you wouldn't have made it if Niall here hadn't pulled that thing off of you. Yep, all 3 days you were asleep Niall never left your side."  Cheyenne said. I saw Niall blush out of the corner of my eye.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay." Niall whispered, still blushing. I bit my lower lip, which was basically my way of blushing, since I DON'T blush (A/N- my friends know this about me). Then the doctor came in, " There are a few bruises on her neck from where the person tried to strangle her, but other than that she's fine."

"So can she leave?" Rae asked, her eyes full of hope.


"Eeek!" all the girls cheered. Just then I realized that Angel wasn't here. I went to go change into my regular clothes and when I came back all the guys were gone. "Where are the guys?" I asked looking around.

"Well, we're having dinner with them tonight." my eyes got wide, "You know, to thank them for saving you." Lindy said.

"O-o-okay." I stuttered trying to keep calm. I mean it was bad enough embarrassing myself with the hand in a public restaurant, but what if I embarrass myself even more in front of them too! Ugh.

"Well lets go pic out our outfits! Eeeek!!!!!" Lindy said pulling us all out of the hospital.

*Skip ride home and endless giggling (mostly by Lindy)*

I rushed into our flat and into my room.

What am I gonna wear? Ok, something casual. Umm these black skinny jeans with this blue top and denim jacket for later. Okay now shoes.... AH HA!!!! My blue converse. Perfect, casual yet flattering.

After I got dressed I walked out to the other girls in skirts and Lindy in a dress. "What the hell are you wearing!!!" Lindy shouted at me.

"Um my outfit for dinner..." I said in a 'duh' voice.

"Oh no no no!"

"C'mon Lindy you know I don't do skirts! Besides its just a dinner."

"Ugh. You are so difficult sometimes.

"Thank you!" I said putting a smile on my face.

"C'mon lets just go." Rae said.

"Where are we eating?" I asked just being pulled outside.

"I don't know they just told us to meet them by the Public Police Call Box on Main Street (Idk if there is one in London, but there is one everywhere so I just went for it)." As we walked down to the PPCB (its easier in abbreviations), the boys walked out each holding a rose. As the boys approached us Zayn linked arms with Lindy, Liam with Cheyenne, Harry with Anne, Louis with Rae, and Niall with me. Zayn pulled out a key out of his coat pocket and turned it in the key hole (hehehe. perverted thoughts). He opened the door letting us all in, I heard everyone before me gasp. What the heck was so surprising? Its just a PPCB. But once it was my turn to go in I realized what all the gasps were about. THIS THING IS BIGGER ON THE INSIDE (Wow I'm feeling very perverted today)!!!!!!!!!

"Holy crap." is all I could manage to get out. This. Is. AWESOME!

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