In this fanfic, the last of the TimeLords escape their planet, that will not be named, to Earth to live normal teenage and adult lives. Along the way they find accidental love that get into danger and forces them to unleash their TimeLord knowledge and "power". Read to find out about how they find love and their battles with the Daleks and other alien creatures.


4. Chapter 4


As we all rushed out of the door to the Tardis, I secretly couldn't wait to see the girls again. There was just something about them that was extremely unique (teehee funny word).  The way Rae was fun and outgoing, always looking on the brighter side of things, Cheyenne being kinda shy, but perverted none the less. Anne seemed to be the oldest in the group, she had this cheeky personality that couldn't be hidden no matter how hard she tried, Angel was just WAY too vain, the moment I saw her I was disgusted, she was hot without a doubt but she was just a little too..... showy? In other words you could basically see all of the breasts until you got to her nipples,  then her shirt was high enough up that you could see her dangling bellybutton piercing. Rachel was shy. VERY shy, so shy that no matter how hard you tried figuring her out, it wasn't going to happened unless she opened up to you. Lindy though, she was breath-taking. Her hair perfectly straight, not one stray hair. She may have had designer clothes making her look like a bitchy snob, but I could tell she was funny. That's the funny thing about me, since I'm a TimeLord, I have these weird instincts that way I can figure people out before I even meet them. Except for Rachel apparently.  It must not work on nerds (I'm not bagging on anyone particular, this character represents me and what I WANT to be. I know I'm weird).

"Zayn you comin'? We can probably make it to Nando's before the girls leave." Niall stated, encouraging me to follow. I realized then that I was still standing in the doorframe of the Tardis. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and locked the Tardis the turning in the direction the guys were headed in tucking the keys in my pocket.

"WAIT!" Louis shouted, immediately stopping in his tracks, "We can't go put dressed like this!" he said gesturing to our tuxedos, "We don't wanna look like idiots!" We all groaned in disapproval but went to the Tardis to change. I came out with a plaid button up shirt, the sleeves rolled up, with some black skinny jeans. Harry came out in a white V-neck and some dark skinny jeans as well as his usual brown dress shoes. Niall came out in a red polo and kaki skinny jeans. Liam just came out in a black tee with the Batman symbol on it and grey skinny jeans. Louis however NOT wanting to look like an idiot came out in a blue and white striped shirt along with baggy red skinny jeans, braces the only things holding them up. "Yep you definitely DON'T look like an idiot." I stated, observing his choice of fashion.

"C'mon lets just go." Liam encouraged, shoving us out of the Tardis. We all started along the path to Nando's when we heard a shriek... which was also coming from Nando's. We turned the sharp corner looking through the large window to see Rachel holding the mannequin hand away from her face as it attempted to attack her. I was about to ask what we should do but the guys were already chasing after Niall who was on his way through the restaurant.


I felt something shift in my backpack. My mates were deep in conversation about the guys who saved us from the mannequins not too long ago, one hour 16 minutes and 52, no 53 seconds.... but who's counting? Anyways I turned around to open the backpack that was hanging off the back of my chair. My hands shuffled through the endless hole of clutter when something gripped my wrist. I quickly yanked my wrist out of the bag to where it was in front of my face. I shrieked as I saw the mannequin hand spring towards my face. I quickly grabbed hold of its plastic wrist, keeping it a descent distance from my face. I frantically started looking around the room, my head darting in every direction, hoping that the guys from earlier would come, even though there was a very slim chance that they would. Surprised at what I had found dashing through the doorway to the restaurant, I loosened my grip on the hand, accidentally allowing it to fall and cling to my face. I felt someone trying to tug it off me, but it wouldn't budge. I mumbled cries for help as I attempted to pry it off me. Suddenly everything went black.


I know this A/N is kind of pointless but if any of the members of 1D are reading this or any of my other fanfics, plz comment. And NO FAKING if u do I will completely stop writing... FOREVER. But if u really are there please comment saying u r and what u think.


Keep calm and eat Nando's!!!

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