In this fanfic, the last of the TimeLords escape their planet, that will not be named, to Earth to live normal teenage and adult lives. Along the way they find accidental love that get into danger and forces them to unleash their TimeLord knowledge and "power". Read to find out about how they find love and their battles with the Daleks and other alien creatures.


3. Chapter 3


After Anne and I separated for a breathe I said, "Look, I should really be going, the guys will be wondering where I'm at."


"Shh, just meet me her, tomorrow, at noon. Got it?"

"Yeah okay." Anne replied not too sure if what I was saying was actually going to happen or just a scam. I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and rushed off to the Tardis. Once I reached it, I dug through my pockets till I finally found the key and opened the door. The guys were all laughing and pushing each other around.

"So," Zayn started, "Where to next? Mars, Kilgor, Satellite 5? Oh!!! How about year 500,000? We haven't been there in a while."

"Actually, I thought we could maybe stay here. Just for a little while longer, ya know. So we can get to know these gi-" I started before getting cutoff by Louis

"Woah, woah, woah.This isn't about that random chick uh uh Annie."

"Anne." I corrected.

"Right. Anwa-"

"I think it would be awesome to get to know the girls ya know? Show em' around. take them on adventures! C'mon! I mean they're the first HUMAN girls we've come in contact with for over 523 years! It's about time to get into a relationship, or at least try to." Liam said trying to encourage us. Obviously I was already in so I was just waiting for the others opinions.

"I'm for it." Niall spoke up, " I mean, they seem pretty nice. And cute." the last part was a bit mumbled, but enough for me to make out.

"Well what are we waiting for? LETS GET OUT THERE AND LIVE!!!" Cheered Louis. I swear its amazing how quickly they can change their minds.


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