One Direction preferences.

One direction preferences, not doing any personal ones you can request something for me to do like for ex. (how you meet).. But that is it. just because it takes me too long for personal ones.. I will try to do 50 in all or more depending on how different they are :)


4. Meeting nonfans at the fair

Zayn- He was standing in line at the one of the carnival games, he was there with his little sister hoping to win her that big stuffed polar bear she waneted. You were playing the game not paying him any attention, when you suddenly win and get the exact toy she wanted. She began to cry and you felt a tap on your shoulder. He stood there with a nervous grin hands in his pocket "Umm is there anyway I can convince you to give that to me?". You frown "No sorry I plan on giving it to my niece". His sister cries louder making him panick "Please I will give you an autograph and two tickets to a show". You get angry "So you think you can just through the fact that you are in a boyband in my face and exspect to get what you want?". He frowns voice growing louder "Please my sister really wants that, cant you see she is crying". You look at the girls pleading eyes and huff "Fine" you say handing it to him. You walk off slightly annoyed. Later Zayn walks back up to you and hands you a cd "Hey what about the tickets?"you call after him. He turns around "You have to call me first to get them", he winks walking off. You turn the cd over reaveling Zayn`s name along with 'you're fit, call me some time, unless you dont want the tickets ;)'.

Louis- Youre standing in line for one of the rollercoasters with your friend. The person behind the gate gestures that only two more seats are available. You smile pulling your friend along but see two figures run past you taking the seats. You get angry "Hey just because you two are famous doesnt mean you can just cut, you jackass". Louis turns around smirking "Sorry babe, should have moved faster". You huff as the guy with him who you know as Josh devine their drummer laughs. You wait your turn in line for the ride to be over, not even enjoying your time anymore. Louis gets up but not moving from the ride. You ignore him pulling your friend along and take a seat to your dismay Louis comes and sits beside you. You get up to move but its to late the bars come down over your shoulder, locking you in. He extends his hand "Hi Im Louis tomlinson".


Sorry I will finish the other ones later its just that these are long. :)

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