One Direction preferences.

One direction preferences, not doing any personal ones you can request something for me to do like for ex. (how you meet).. But that is it. just because it takes me too long for personal ones.. I will try to do 50 in all or more depending on how different they are :)


2. How he Says goodbye

Zayn- He takes you in his arms giving you a hug while breathing in your scent. "Bye (y/n)", He kisses your cheek, while walking away.

Niall-He gives you a famous horan hug burrying his head in the crook of your neck "See you Princess". He pushes a stray strand of hair back and kisses your forehead, waving good bye.

Louis- He takes your hand and Kisses it "Goodbye Love".

Liam- He Takes your face in his hands kissing everwhere on your face then finally meeting your lips "Dont miss me too much". He smiles kissing you passionately again "Bye sweetheart".

Harry- He smiles cheekily at you showing his dimple and places his hands on your waist bringing you closer. His soft lips meet yours taking your breathe away "Im going to miss you". He kisses your nose walking away

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