One Direction preferences.

One direction preferences, not doing any personal ones you can request something for me to do like for ex. (how you meet).. But that is it. just because it takes me too long for personal ones.. I will try to do 50 in all or more depending on how different they are :)


3. His texts when he wants you.

Louis- 'Hey babe, I`ll be home in ten, just so you know. Im in the mood ;)'

Zayn- 'I just want my lips all over your skin, I need you'

Liam-'You know what makes me really happy?..Pleasuring you!'

Niall- 'Princess, I have a problem! I need you to fix it!'

Harry- "I just watched Love actually, you know what it does to me! I want you"


Sorry if liam`s wasnt that good he seems so innocent to me so I couldnt make it dirty

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